Roxanne, question on video powerhouse please. Is it better to submit an individual video or my channel or playlists? Can I do too many links in a local niche?" Okay. For video powerhouse you submit a video URL, but then as the additional URL it can be a playlist or a channel URL. That's up to you it's entirely would distract you that you want to do.

If you have a hyper focused channel, then you can link to a channel page which can be any one of the channel pages. Like, the home page, the about page, the playlist page, the videos page, any one of those you can link to. Because all you're doing is just feeding relevancy and link equity, basically juice into the channel which is just going to benefit all the videos on the channel.

If you have a particularly difficult keyword that you're trying to rank for, then it's best to place that video in a playlist even if it's a single video playlist, and then submit the playlist URL instead of the overall channel URL. So it depends on like how focused you need the extra push. If you need us like a push for a difficult keyword and then create a playlist. A single video playlist because you can ... Remember guys, you can title the playlist with a variation of the keyword, the same keyword that you're trying to target. So remember, a playlist is nothing other than a container that contains other videos individual videos, right?

You can put your primary keyword as the main title or the SEO title of the video and then create a variation of the keyword as the playlist title, put that play that video in the playlist, and now you're basically hitting two and you've got a bunch of different URLs you could target that way.

But what else is more powerful is to use the YouTube silo method, which is to take all of the keywords within that keyword set so anything that you would use is like supporting keywords within a silo and create, even if it's the same damn video you just spin it a bit, create a silo targeting all those other keywords with each one of those other videos linking up to the primary keyword, and to the playlist URL which is the container.

Essentially you're linking to the silo and you're linking to the one video that you're trying to rank the most with a whole bunch of relevant videos, if that makes sense. Again, for video powerhouse you want to submit an individual URL but then the additional URL can be a playlist or a channel that's going to be entirely up to what you're trying to accomplish. Okay. Does domain authority stacking still work? Excuse me. Not like it used to. There are some benefits to doing that guys, but I don't try to manipulate domain authority anymore. I could give a shit less about domain authority anymore.

It's all about art.