Never a shortage of awesome questions at Hump Day Hangouts

Q: "Hey team. Thank you for all your great information you guys provide for free every week." You're welcome, Steven. "MY question is in two parts. First of all, is link building still effective?" It is. There is no question it is still effective and it will be for some time, Steven. "How often and in what quantity should we be getting link building for our networks and press releases?"

A: Well, that depends on each project, each keyword, really. What it is you're trying to do. How often is really gonna be determined based upon competition levels, as well as many other variables, like the age of the site, that kind of stuff. As far as networks and press releases, though, I can tell you one thing. Press releases, you can freaking hammer those. I don't even think there's a velocity issue, ever, with press releases. I could be wrong, but I never worry about it. Whenever I publish a press release and I wanna hit it with links, let me just make it really clear though, Steven. If you're gonna be boosting press releases with links, find out which press releases are going to remain published, because a lot of press releases get purged after, sometimes even 30 days. Other press release sites or media sites don't purge ... It's anywhere between 30 days and six months. But a lot of sites purge. In other words, they basically delete posts after a certain amount of time.

And so if you do a ton of link building to press release that's going to be purged at some point, then you've basically thrown money away. It may give you a temporary boost, but once the ... And I know this for 100% fact, because I've been testing press releases and using that as my sole link building method for multiple lead gen projects over the last several months, guys, like going on seven months now, and I had outstanding results, but then all of a sudden a lot of the stuff that I had outstanding results for started to drop significantly in MAPS rankings. And when I started to investigate, it's because the vast majority of the press releases that I published over the last seven months are now gone. They no longer exist. And so my point is, it's either something for press releases that you have to continue doing regularly, which is a great thing, guys, if you're providing these services to clients, because you can sell clients on we need to publish these regularly, like one or two press releases a month.

Whatever you can sell them on, it now becomes a recurring service that you sell, instead of just hey, every now and then we'll do a press release. No. We should be doing a press release once per month at least for every single client. That makes sense. And that's another service that you can sell. It's great. I love it. But, if you're gonna be building links to press releases, find out which sites they remain published on and you choose those as your targets, your target URLs to build links to. As far as your networks, guys, networks typically I do a link building package right when the network has been built, created. Once a few seed posts have been published to it. So usually, I always try to season every single network with at least three posts. It's three to five, typically, for every new network. Three to five posts. And then I'll send it over for link building. And then once I get that back, then it's just a matter of monitoring results. If I see that I need ... Like, I'll usually publish several more posts over the next several weeks ... Or, I don't publish them. My curators do. But I'll just monitor results.

And if I'm not ... I'm usually seeing movement at some point, but if I'm not seeing as much movement as I would like, then maybe I'll boost the network again. But instead of just always building links to the network, I might do a drive stack instead, you know what I mean? Not might, I typically always do a drive stack too, but my point is it's not always just about the link building, guys. Because remember, once you have a drive stack, then you can boost the drive stack with links. So there's just a ton of things that you can do. All I would recommend is that for anything linking directly to your money site, try to keep it clean, something that you have control over, branded properties, you should make those your priority, stuff that you can brand, and then link to your site. And then you can do your link building to those, your tire one stuff. Okay? Good question though. Roman, do you have any recommendations on that? Is Roman still here?