Video Powerhouse

You are just a few clicks away from posting your videos on an embed network unlike anything else on the net.

Welcome to VPH!

After months of extensive research and testing one thing is abundantly clear when it comes to YouTube videos: The number of high quality embeds has a huge impact on your YouTube rankings as well as in the major SERPs. This is why we have created Video Powerhouse (VPH). VPH is an embed network made of quality niche relevant sites built to Semantic Mastery’s standards of excellence.

What you can expect

Video Powerhouse, like many of our products, cost credits to use. If you don’t have any credits yet, not to worry, you purchase them right now and start using VPH as well as many of our other great services.

Do My Credits Expire?

No! Every month your remaining credit balance will be carried over on your account. Stock up as many credits as you like at once and save with our bulk pricing, then use your credits whenever you’re ready.

Here’s how it works

1 credit = 1 embed, but what exactly does one embed get you? The video embed placed on our network is not a typical embed. With each embed you get the following:

  • Near instant video embeds
  • Premium quality network posts
  • An embed on a niche relevant and aged domain
  • Syndicated Network ring around each site in our embed network
  • Over 20 extra backlinks per embed from trusted sites in the Syndication Networks

Posting and available sites

Our VPH network is an ever growing and expanding service. With many users like yourself eager to take advantage of this great service the network is limited to help keep it safe from abuse. For this reason, if you ever request more embeds than are available, you will simply not be charged for embeds that are not made. You would then be free to try again at a later time. The more users like yourself taking advantage of Video Powerhouse, the quicker we can expand into new niches and build out more sites in existing categories!

I would like to purchase

Recurring Benefits
  • Pay less for every credit you purchase
  • Never miss a month’s credits with automatic renewal

Need a lot of credits?

With the purchase of our 10.000 credit pack you get our lowest price on credits. Plus, enjoy discounts on every additional credit purchased outside of your subscription plan.

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