Google loves ranking its own properties

Video Powerhouse

Youtube is a property that is owned by Google and it loves to rank videos from there. Quality and quantity of embeds are currently the leading factor for establishing your ranking traction with videos. This is precisely what Video Powerhouse was created for. Here’s why it’s great:

Push Button Solutions to Save Time

After all of the work you put into making quality video content, it’s time for something easy. Posting to video power house is as easy as pushing a button. Any information you provide is associated with your embed and we handle the rest.

We Do the Heavy Lifting

Once you have submitted your video for posting, we take care of everything else. Each embed is made automatically, regardless of how many you order.

More than just an embed

Every embed that we place on our blog is also distributed across the syndication networks that we have surrounding each of our sites. This will provide even more power than an average embed.

Make Money Off Your Videos

Subscriptions Include Video Silo Training

Embeds are the “Vote” your Videos need to rank

It’s common knowledge that organic rankings are driven by backlinks, while citations are the crux of local ranking. What is less commonly known, is that videos are heavily influenced by embeds. When you give this a moment of thought, it stands to reason that an embed is like casting your vote for a video. Just like citations and backlinks, not all embeds are created equally. How you use your embeds and where they are coming from will play a huge factor in how effective they will be.

General Embeds vs Niche Specific

While it is common for “Embed Networks” to consist of web 2.0 properties, it is much less common to find one with relevant niche specific sites. This is why most people in the industry create and theme their own networks. This is both costly and time consuming for the average person to do.

Video Powerhouse combines the power of niche relevance with the affordability of general embeds and it provides both to our consumers. If you want to maximize your power and relevance, we offer themed networks for your embeds.

Primary Networks:

  • General
  • Metrics Only
  • Art
  • Business
  • Health
  • Home
  • Shopping
  • Computers
  • Games
  • Sports
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Multiple Networks at your Fingertips

Creating and managing one well themed network can be an endeavour all in its own. Trying to have one for every niche you may need is a full time job to keep track of, several in fact. Take advantage of the diversity of our networks and rank for nearly any topic you’d like. We have 10 different Primary Networks you can use to power up your videos. In addition we also have hundreds of Secondary Networks that fall under each.

Sub-Category Specific Posting

Each of our Primary Category Networks is further subdivided into many secondary niche specific topics. You can select from sites that are highly relevant or very similar to your niche. This allows you to make hyper targeted embeds, giving a strong relevant vote for your video.

Web 2.0 Networks

We also have the option to use our secondary Web 2.0 Networks. These Networks are huge with over a million sites and growing. You can select from an existing Web 2.0 Networks or include your own if it isn’t listed and we will build one for your niche.

What do you get with a Video Powerhouse Subscription?

Push Button Solutions

Boost your videos easily in only a few seconds with our easy to use posting interface and dashboard.

Market and Niche Level Categorization

Make you embeded highly targeted and hyper relevant with sites that are niche specific.

Powerful Network

Each of the sites in our networks is surrounded by a hand constructed Syndication Network to increase relevancy, authority, and more.

Second Tier Web 2.0 Network

You will also have access to our 1,000,000+ Web 2.0 Niche Relevant Network to add even more power.

Advanced Monetization Strategy

Find out how to turn videos into profit from Semantic Mastery. With every active VPH subscription, we give you step by step instructions on how to generate real income from your videos.

Power your entire channel

Use our Network to also power up your Youtube Channel at the same time by simply providing your channel URL

What exactly does the Video Powerhouse Platform Consist Of:

  • A 6,000+ Website PBN Network to give you real diversity
  • 6,000+ Syndication Networks to further magnify your embeds
  • 1,000,000+ Web 2.0 Network for that extra ranking power
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Not your average network

There are not many people that have the manpower to maintain and run a PBN larger than a few hundred websites. This requires a very specialized skillset that requires custom built software to help maintain. For most companies an undertaking like this would simply not be worth the investment.

This is why the entire SerpSpace and Semantic Mastery teams have been working around the clock to bring you THE “missing piece” that video rankings have been lacking all along. With over 5 years experience designing, building, and maintaining large scale networks safely, we know we have what it takes to stand out. Each site in our network uses the same 60 point build process to ensure accuracy. We consider everything from Posting logic, to IP diversity, and much more to make sure our networks are safe and effective.

Quality you can count on

If you are taking the time to post relevant content on niche specific sites you don't want bad content being posted around you. Our Video Powerhouse Networks have a team of Quality Assurance specialists who review each posting to make sure you are posting to the appropriate networks. We do not define a quality service by a single trait but rather by a sequence of them. Know that when you use our Powerhouse network you are using one of the most powerful networks in the world for ranking Videos.

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Who Is Video Powerhouse for?

If you’re making video content already, then Video Powerhouse is perfect to help give you the boost your videos need. If you’re not already making video content however, now is the time to start. Video marketing is perfect for: