An Uncrawled Link Might As Well Not Exist

Help Google Find You

If you have been in the SEO industry for any amount of time you should know that links are what makes the Web go round. Not all links are the same and as a result not every link is picked up right away by Google. Some links are never even picked up at all. That is why the Indexer was created. Stop throwing money away on creating links that never end up getting found. We will index any good links you submit to make sure Google knows whats up.

60% Link Index Rate Guaranteed

The importance of building relevant backlinks to your properties is no secret. What cannot be overlooked however, is the importance of having these links indexed by Google. If your links aren't getting indexed, they are not doing their job. This is why we have developed “The Indexer” - our own set of indexing techniques that should be the final step to every link building campaign.

What Do We Get with the Service?

Our methods employ several different techniques, all used in conjunction to give the absolute highest index rate possible. With every order, you can expect:

We Ping Them All

Pinging a site is like telling Google you exist. It also tells Google that they need to send their bots to check you out. This is the first essential step to getting crawled.

Powerful Submission

As part of our methods, we will post your link to our spam free private blog network for 30 days. This is a core part to getting your links indexed.

RSS feed submission

We create RSS feeds and submit them to RSS aggregator websites. This special technique is designed to get Google to crawl and index your links quickly.

Aged forum profile page

We have aged forum personas that will link to your links. This is a very effective tool to help pass authority and a very important method in getting your links indexed.

About 3 weeks to complete

Our entire approach to indexing takes up to 3 weeks to complete. You may start to see results in as little as a few days.

An Indexed link must have been crawled. A crawled link is not always indexed

60% Guaranteed on Good Links

There are plenty of links that for numerous reasons will not index. If you submit a good set of links to us, we guarantee the results. Without meeting a minimum standard however, Google won’t accept it.

So What Makes a Good Link?

We define it as: a link created on a domain with high authority and good content. Things like Web 2.0’s, Citations, Press Releases, and Social Bookmarking Sites are great High Domain Authority (DA) options. Having good quality non-duplicated content is also going to play a large part in your links index rate. Including images and video will also help your links get indexed more quickly.

What are some examples of BAD links?

While any page can be considered “unable to be indexed” given enough mistreatment. Typically most links will index eventually if they are in good order. Keep in mind there are certain links that just wont index. The following is in no way an exhaustive list but will give many common examples.

Index my pages

Do you just crawl my links or actually get them indexed

To some, the idea of crawling and indexing is taken as one and the same. While connected, they are not the same thing. Crawling is the first part of the indexing process where Google sends it’s bots to crawl your site and decide if you will be indexed or not. Once your site has been crawled and Google knows you exist, it will begin its rigorous deciding process.

Passing your site through Google’s algorithm will ultimately determine if the page will index or not. This is why our indexing service focuses on more than just having the bots visit. We give each page the best chance it can have to be picked up and added to the vast Google index.

What if My Good Links Don't Index?

When we index your URLs we do it right, guaranteed! Our indexing process is the result of hundreds of hours of testing. We have combined what we find to work best into one convenient service. Our methods are so reliable that if we cannot achieve a minimum of a 60% index rate, we will run your unindexed links again free of charge.

When reaching out to our team please take a moment and organize the information you have. Any insight you can provide to us about the links that were not indexed will help our team better understand what may be the issue. At the end of the day some links simply won’t index and it is our goal to help you identify these and strengthen your campaign as a whole.