Check Hundreds of Properties in seconds with Network Management

Automatic Property Monitoring

With a standard 2-tier network you get over 80 properties. That can be a lot to manage. Manually keeping tabs on each of these properties would be a job of it’s own. This is why we provide our Network Management Services. Each property you upload is tracked for it’s Uptime and Syndication Status. Our system alerts you to the presence of errors and also helps point you in the right direction to find a solution. Not only will you will be alerted but you will also be able to determine the source of the problem much faster.

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What does your system keep track of?

Our network management tracks several different aspects of your properties to give you the peace of mind that everything is working as it should. Here is what we monitor:


A site that’s down isn’t doing much at all. You will be notified in your dashboard if any of your network properties are showing error codes or simple aren’t working for any reason.

Error Type Tracking

Fix errors faster with our error code tracking system. Receive direction on what the problem is and correct it quickly.

Syndication Tracking

Circulating your content is what your network is built to do. If for any reason something has stopped syndicating you will be notified.

Bigger networks, more properties, no problem

One of the best things about having a network management subscription is being able to keep track of all of your properties easily. This means whether you're an agency or just managing a single network for your brand, it's easy to keep all of your properties in order.

Instead of manually combing through each set of properties, you can use our comprehensive dashboard to make sure everything is working at a glance. You can take a look at each of your projects to see if there are any errors on any part of the network without having to perform lengthy individual inspections.

Track My Networks

Subscribe today and lock in your price before our feature upgrades come

The best is yet to come. Lock in your pricing now

In the near future we will be adding several new features to our network management service. When we do, the cost for the service will increase to compensate for the additional functionality. Each of our clients that already have active subscriptions will be locked in at their current rates for any ongoing services. This means you get all of the new upgrades and features at the current great price. Sign up now and get all of the awesome new updates grandfathered in.

Track My Networks

New upcoming features

With the new network management service, comes several new tools. Below is a little bit about the main features we will be launching.

Rank Tracking

Have the ability to monitor the keywords you are trying to push and see how they are doing on a consistent basis. Also, monitor the ups and downs as you test various marketing methods and focus on what works the best.

Indexed Page Monitoring

If google hasn't indexed something, it has no idea what it's all about. Find out just how many pages on your site are indexed and have a better understanding of where your site stands.

Monitoring for all links

Any links that are pointing at your site, network or any part of your digital strategy are important and need to work properly. We will provide monitoring for any links you want to keep a closer watch on.