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Brand Establishment and Association

When you generate structured data for your website and its associated properties, it’s like generating a label to help keep everything together. You are openly and forwardly saying to all of the search engines: “Yes , these are my properties and they are associated with me and my brand.”

Why is establishing my brand association so important?

One of the most important practical reasons for establishing your brand is to generate a layer of protection from penalties. A website which Google trusts can get away with a LOT more than a newer or thinner one. If you have ever been told NOT to do something on your website by an SEO consultant and asked “Well why can my competitors do it on their website if I can’t?” The answer is trust and they have a lot more of it than you do.

A Free Do it Yourself Tool

Our easy to use JSON data generator means you don’t need to be a programmer to take advantage of this powerful code. Watch our tool in real time build out your own customizable data right before your eyes. Leverage our tool to teach you how structured data is created while at the same time generating top quality code for your website.

Types of structured data we can generate

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