Leverage Google Maps and MyMaps for Local SEO

Help Push your local 3 pack rankings!

If you're not ranking in the local 3 pack, you are missing out on a large traffic opportunity. Maps Powerhouse is perfect for anyone with local SEO experience and the ability to optimize a Google Map or Mymap. Our Powerhouse Network is the strongest and most secure place to embed your Maps.

Power up my Local Business!

What exactly do you get with Map Powerhouse?

When you post to our Map Powerhouse network, you are posting to the same high quality network and sites that our Video Powerhouse users use. This helps us achieve a frequent consistency of publish to our sites. As a result of this Google loves our network and crawls it constantly. Below are some additional benefits from using our Network:

Save time with a push button solution

Having your map embed across many sites at once has never been easier than with our MPH service. Once you provide your map listing and any additional information, that's it. Whether you order 1 embed or 1000, your job here is done.

We take care of the rest

Once you have placed your order, our system starts to work posting it to the various places you requested. The embed process and association of all of the information you provided is taken care of and optimized properly before ultimately being posted on our network.

Not just an embed

Surrounding every site in our powerhouse is a Syndication Network. This means your content is also syndicated through 20+ additional properties associated with them. It will give you even more power to each embed you order.

Posted to a Private Network

The Powerhouse Network we use for both our VPH and MPH services is a 100% private network. This means that for the security and privacy of all our clients, no one is given access to any of these sites for any reason. If these URLs were provided to our customer this would inevitably lead to abuse. In the past we have had to deal with various situations involving former customers attempting to link build our networks for us. This ultimately leads to problems for everyone and we would rather prevent this from happening out of the gate. For this reason and as part of our commitment to client security and success, we will never provide access to any part of our network.

Power up my Local Business!

Primary Networks:

  • General
  • Metrics Only
  • Art
  • Business
  • Health
  • Home
  • Shopping
  • Computers
  • Games
  • Sports

A variety of networks to meet your needs

No two businesses are exactly the same, nor are their needs for marketing. Our Map Powerhouse service offers a diverse array of general and specifically themed networks for you to choose from. With 10 primary networks and hundreds of secondaries to choose from, you will easily find many appropriate places to post your business.

Sub-Category Posting

We have subdivided all of our primary categories into niche specific secondary topics. During the posting process you can specifically select any of these niches that your site fits into for additional relevancy.

Power up my Local Business!

Web 2.0 Networks

If you need even more embeds than what we offer in our primary networks, then web 2.0 embeds are the answer. With over a million sites in our network and constantly growing, we offer the largest selection of embeds around. Select from any of our existing niches. If yours is not listed just let us know, we can have it built just for you.

We also have the option to use our secondary Web 2.0 Networks for additional power. With over a million sites and growing, these Networks are huge and pack a massive punch. You can select from an existing Web 2.0 Network. If you cannot find one listed simply type in what you would like and we will build one out specifically for your niche. How awesome is that?

How many sites are in your Powerhouse Network?

6,000+ Website PBN Network
and constantly growing
Leverage our 6,000
Syndication Networks for additional power
1,000,000+ Web 2.0 Network
to ensure the job gets done

More than just a Standard Network

Building and maintaining a network of a few hundred sites requires a commitment of time and manpower few have at their disposal. The skillset required to sustain a network of this caliber and maintain its quality is simply not worth the investment to most companies. That is why our Powerhouse Network was created. Once we saw what this did for peoples videos, we decided to expand out the functionality and opened it up for Map Embeds as well.

After countless hours in development the Semantic Mastery and SerpSpace teams have managed to combine over 20 years of experience to develop Map Powerhouse. As this is the very same network that backs our video embeds you will enjoy of the same quality and features. Our Network uses a 60 point build process as the basis for every individual network site we create. Every facet is considered to ensure the quality and safety of every embed.

A Real PBN with Quality you can count on

When you make a post to our Powerhouse Network you can rest assured that it is being embedded on an actual PBN site. Each site is individually hosted, maintained, and monitored daily. Every site in our network is categorized for maximum results. Our manual niche verification process also ensures that you will never have unrelated materials posted next to you. If a submission does not belong on the correct network our team will not post it.

Who Is Map Powerhouse for?

While not ideal for everyone looking to rank in the SERPs, MPH is exactly the push many local campaigns need. If you know how to manipulate Google Maps or MyMaps then this service is perfect for you. If not, don’t worry. We are looking to provide a fully DFY Map Service in the near future so keep an eye out for an update.