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An SEO Solution for essentially anything

Traffic Authority Stacking is used anywhere you would want to strategically target keywords and push up their rankings. It’s a service that’s here to to help you move to the top.

  • Targeted Ranking Pushes
  • Drives Real Traffic
  • Safe to Point at Your Money Site

If you are looking for a service that can help push rankings, get ready for Traffic Authority Stacking. This new take on Domain Authority Stacking was developed by a handful of industry experts looking for a better solution. The result was a method so powerful it has served the needs of dozens of SEO Agencies. Now we are bringing a true SEO Agency Solution to you!

Here is a simple breakdown of what you get

5 Flushed out Web 2.0 Sites

We create 5 individual linking opportunities for you

3 Pages per Web 2.0 Site

We create a home page and 2 inner pages on each property for a total of 15 total pages

TAS creates a powerful “Web 2.0 Private Blog Network” that is designed to push relevancy and traffic. With proper onsite optimization, we are able to target specific keywords and pages. Here is what we create:

What makes our service better than other solutions out there? Our team takes the time to manually optimize each page for you. Additionally, we will strategically interlink the different properties to pass power efficiently. It is during this part of the process that the main principles of DAS/TAS are incorporated. Extreme attention to detail is required to build a service like this. Simply put there are no other provider out there that can have the technical know how to properly optimize a Mininet.

Use a Solution that actually works

A successful use of TAS for your campaign is all about precise targeting and careful selection of the keywords that you want to boost. Traffic Authority Stacking is no simple task and selecting the best terms for the job is something that comes with experience. When receiving the terms you provide us, we add our expertise to help you use the most effective keywords possible.

At the end of the day we will consider each of your seed terms and the ranking goals they represent. This allows our team to factor in additional variables and create an overall stronger solution which ultimately helps achieve higher rankings.

If you are confident that your keywords are already in order and are a more advanced user of SEO services, you will be able to submit them in our advanced configuration area. You can specifically designate where you want each keyword to be used and add any existing Web 2.0 properties you may have in mind for them.

What Can A Traffic Authority Stack do For You?

Increases Rankings for Individual Keywords.

By targeting a small array of specific keywords, the TAS service is like a tactical strike for your SEO campaign. Pushing the rankings for your specific keyphrases will not only push the pages they’re on but also help bolster your campaign as a whole.

Give lingering terms the push they need.

If you have keywords dancing around the second or third page, they might need something more. Specifically targeting these keywords can help provide the boost you need.

Start Your SEO Campaign Strong

Get your SEO campaign off to a roaring start by boosting your main key terms. As early as the second month of a money sites life, you can start pushing various keywords with a TAS campaign safely.

Keywords push the pages. Pages push the keywords

When we target your keywords with a TAS campaign, the pages they are on will start to improve in rankings. As a result, many other terms on the page will start to rank better as well. From there, the cycle repeats and compounds on itself to build layers of relevance and strength.

TAS Sites Rank Themselves

The sites we set up for your campaigns are so well optimized that they will rank themselves. In many cases they will even rank higher than the website they are helping to push. This ultimately means more power and more traffic is being generated for your site. In addition this can also lead to you taking multiple positions in the search results pages for the various keyword phrases we are targeting.

Traffic to TAS sites means Traffic to your site

Our TAS stacks will rank and receive their own traffic which in turn, helps push traffic back to your own site. This bit of self sustaining activity is just the kind of thing that Google loves and will help keep you at the top for years to come.

Looks natural and safe

Each site created in a TAS stack will have a homepage and inside pages just like any real site would. By turning our Web 2.0s into real sites they are able to index easily and provide real pushing power.

High authority web 2.0’s pass power

By using Web 2.0 properties that are on High Authority sites we create a “Parasite Page” effect. This allows your site to piggyback off of an already established authority of the parent site.

A Product You Will Not Find Anywhere Else

Firstly, we would like to thank and provide full credit to Jimmy Kelley and the entire Jimmy Kelley Digital group for providing the detailed training behind this amazing product. To even be able to offer this product took the combined knowledge of both a Live Event and an ongoing Elite Mastermind Group. These learning experience allowed our team to develop the foundational principles that TAS is built on.

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We want to be the very best

According to TAS’s creator Jimmy Kelly, there has not been a single provider out there who has managed to implement “Domain Authority Stacking” as a service correctly. There have been many who have attempted to produce a scalable DAS based product.

We have released this product BASED on those very standard set by the JKD group. Finally after months of planning, preparation, and rigorous testing we are able to provide a powerful solution for the SEO Industry. From the processes, to the meticulous manual execution of every step, we leave nothing up to chance. While no vendor has ever earned the official JKD seal of approval, we certainly hope to be the first.

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Why you should consider upgrading your Content

The standard content we produce will get the job done. The content we deliver are readable, unique. and sufficient to use. Our goal is to always provide you with the best options available. We offer the choice of handwritten unique content for all of our TAS orders . If you are preparing this for a client or using this on your money site and have a comfortable budget, we would recommend selecting this option.

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Who are Syndication Networks for?

Two major Considerations When Ordering TAS

Which pages should I select?

When selecting the pages you would like to push, you should pay close attention to your site structure. Ideally speaking this would mean you targeting pages contained in the same silo or categories. If you are a local business you will likely have multiple service pages. Each of these pages is a potential target for a TAS Stack. While you are certainly allowed to target the same page multiple times, experience has taught us that targeting multiple pages is a better overall strategy and consistently out performs single pages pushes.

What keywords should I choose?

Here our some guidelines we have specifically developed to help you Order a more Effective Stack:

  • Each keyword provided must be relevant to at least one of the provided target URLs you provide.
  • Please do not include duplicated or reordered keyword phrases. Keyword phrases that contain a geo-modifier do NOT constitute 2 separate keywords when inverted. For instance, “San Diego Plumber” is not considered different from “Plumber San Diego” for the purposes of this service.

Lets use an example of what a good keyword selection might look like

Dental Services, Tooth Extraction, and Root Canals are all keywords that are related to each other. If you have ever been to a dentist you should immediately recognize each of these terms. What you may not have noticed is that we are targeting different topics. Each of these topics is specifically related to dentistry but they don’t have the word “dentist” in them.

Here are a few examples of how a keyword selection might look

Local Dentist
  • Dental Services Houston
  • Teeth Cleaning in Houston
  • Root Canals Houston
Local Lawyer
  • Personal Injury Attorney Orlando
  • Slip and Fall Lawyer Orlando
  • Dog Bite Attorney in Orlando