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SERP Success Starts with
Brand Identification

You’ve finished building your website and have it optimized perfectly for the search engines. Now what? What is the next most IMPORTANT step for real long term results? Most digital marketers will tell you that either backlinks or social signals are the next step. Others would advise you that user engagement or entity establishment are more important.

Why choose when you can do it all with one product?

Welcome to the power of syndication networks

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Why should I care about Establishing a Brand?

If you do anything in the world of Search Engine Optimization you know that Google is king. If Google has never heard of you or your business, how can they trust you? Our Syndication Networks are designed to show Google exactly who and what you are. In fact, a Syndication Network is specifically designed to lay the foundation for your brand!

What are some of the benefits of properly establishing your Brand?

  • Achieve Higher Rankings
  • Build Improved Trust Signals
  • Have Penalty Protection from Google

When you establish your brand online, you are telling the world who and what you are.

Here’s what Our Clients Have To Say.

Use this however you want…

IFTTT SEO Academy has been a game changer for both our agency and our clients. We have achieved first page ranking on highly competitive terms such as “social media marketing [city]” using only the strategies we learning in IFTTT SEO Academy.

In addition, our clients’ results have been off the charts. One client is ranking first page in as little as two weeks after we followed the IFTTT SEO method. All of them have first page rankings on keywords that drive traffic their way.

Jordan Fowler

4 months ago, I started an Amazon Affiliate site. Hobby based niche with a 25k per month search volume spread over 5 main keywords.

Competition authority sites with over 200 pages / posts, domain ages of 10+ years with the eldest being a 17yr old domain. No light content. All established authorites. Heaps of backlinks. >New domain, 18 pages & posts combined. Custom sidebars to create silo's IFTTT network. Some social profiles.

My site is now page 1, position 6 or better for 4 out of 5 of my target KW's. Last KW which is my biggest is sitting position 14. My affiliate links have been live for over a week now, I have made several sales with a conversion rate of 6%.

Beau Michaels

What can a Syndication Network Do For You?

  • Autopilot SEO Solution that works to circulate content while you sleep.
  • Drive Real Traffic back to your website.
  • Help Protect You from Google and its updates by establishing a brand or persona.
  • Build Video Rankings in both Google AND YouTube on autopilot.
  • Rank for Multiple Positions in the SERP’s and leverage the power of each and every network property.
  • Cement your Brand or persona to Google directly.
  • Protect your Online Reputation and populate the SERPs with your branded properties.
  • Private Blog Networks being brought to the next level in performance with the value that a Syndication Network brings.

We ARE the Industry Experts

Accept no imitations. The entire concept of a Syndication Network and its process was created by Bradley Benner and introduced via The Semantic Mastery training course. SerpSpace is the ONLY Syndication Network provider 100% backed by Semantic Mastery©.

We Drink Our Own “Kool-Aid”

Oh Ya! It’s true. Syndication Networks are so powerful we add them to almost every client project or affiliate campaign we do. Syndication Networks are critical for helping you establish trust in Google’s eyes and will never be obsolete for that reason alone.

The Best Syndication Network Builders In The World, Period.

There isn’t another company out there with an in-house team of builders that has the same qualifications that we do. Personally trained and constantly updated by the father of the Syndication Network, Bradley Benner. Our seasoned team of professionals has been building and delivering high quality networks to our clients for over 3 years now.

In Business, And In Life You Get What You Pay For.

When you buy a network from SerpSpace, you also purchase the confidence of hiring the best team in the business, hands down. Not only do we have hundreds of hours of network builds behind us, we also provide full support for every network sold. Our list of properties is always current with the most active sites, giving you the maximum power from each syndication.

What exactly is a Syndication Network made up of?

Each of the networks consist of 20-25 individual social properties. The specific properties used in each network will vary over time due to the ever changing digital environment. You can expect a series of Social Profiles, Web 2.0’s, Bookmarking Sites, Semantic Hubs, Document Sharing Sites, and more. All of which are interconnected with our tried and true methods ensuring all of your posts are automated to every property.

Every network we create is hand built by our own in-house build team. You are getting THE seasoned professionals who have created hundreds and even thousands of networks each. Our workers have been personally vetted and trained by Bradley Benner himself.

To further ensure the consistency of the delivered networks, our Quality Assurance Team will verify each and every property before its release. This means that every single property constructed is manually checked and adheres to every one of our quality standards. This allows us to consistently deliver the best networks in the business.

Other Important Features of our Process:

  • Each individual property is interconnected to provide transparency and ranking power
  • Your brand or persona are semantically tied together by directly telling Google
  • Your website or YouTube Channel is connected to the network for auto-distribution
  • We season your network with relevant content to protect your properties from closure
Get your Syndication Network Now!

What People Are Saying

I love IFTTT and your group showed me the possibilities. I was able to use IFTTT and boost my rankings from the second and third page to the first. I now use IFTTT on every single project! I enjoyed the training but even more I enjoyed a way to increase my rankings. This is also automatic once you have everything set up and in place. Nothing better than an automatic way to increase your rankings!

Marie Ysais

IFTTT SEO academy was a groundbreaking and watershed moment for my business… I now know how to set up entire families of related properties with confidence and ease. And with the magic of syndication using IFTTT recipes, my website and youtube traffic went from a trickle (200 - 300 visits per month) to several hundred per day. The income growth was automatic. I can honestly say that I would never have covered that ground on my own.

Jeff Guynn

Who are Syndication Networks for?

How Do I Make My Networks Even More Effective?

The single most important thing that you can do with your Syndication Network is post content. Continuously utilizing your network is what will keep it alive and healthy. Once you are publishing content, what are the next steps? Below are just a few suggestions:

Tiered Networking

The best way to leverage a technology like our Syndication Networks is simply to layer them. This is especially true for ranking YouTube Videos. While you will only have one “Branded” Syndication Network, it is possible for you to have multiple “Persona” networks behind that Brand. Imagine a network with hundreds of personas and how powerful that can be. The sky's the limit.

Link Building

Want more performance out of your Syndication Network? The more competitive a market is, the more you have to try to rank within it. Give yourself an edge by link building directly to your networks.

Structured Data Markup

When your goal is to establish your brand or persona identity properly, you should take the time to create your structured data. With every purchase we provide access to a free product called the “JSON Markup Tool.”

We also offer expert advice and can do this for you as a service if you would like it to be handled by the professionals.