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The Power of your own Private Mininet, set up in just a few clicks

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SERPx Cloud

A software over 5 years in the making! Launch your own private Mininet Linking Networks, with just a few clicks. All hosting and software included. Minimal initial setup makes launching your own private networks easier than ever. When we say this service includes everything you are going to need, we mean down to the last detail. Every part from domain acquisition to the final analytics setup is considered in this all-in-one push button solution. Below is a comprehensive break down of the service.

  • Domain Management
  • Full Hosting Solution
  • Wordpress Installation
  • Content Creation
  • Link Generation
  • Site Cloaking

SERPx Auto Content + Linking, Ready to Scale!

SERPx Cloud includes everything you need to set up, manage, and grow your own massive private blog networks in just a few steps. But what does that mean?

What Can SERPx Cloud Do for me?

Absolutely everything you’re going to need to take your link building to the next level in a push button solution.

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Domain Management

Buy a domain and you’re done right? Nope, there is a bit more to it. Our software handles:

  • Domain Registration
  • DNS Management
  • WHOIS & Contacts Management
  • Account Management and Renewals
Full Hosting Solution

Every one of these sites needs to go somewhere. For best results, however, they can't just go anywhere. Your site’s speed and security will play a huge factor in how effective they are for linking. That is why our hosting solution includes:

  • SSD & NVMe Drives
  • Automatic Backups & Unlimited Space
  • Huge IP Diversification
  • Bulletproof Security
  • CDN Setup
  • Lightning Fast Load Times
Wordpress Installation

Every site will need to have a fresh Wordpress installation and configuration, but that is just the beginning. The software configures your theme, plugins, and site set up on autopilot. Each site will have:

  • Theme Installation & Setup
  • Plugin Installation & Configuration
  • Wordpress Cleanup and Configuration
  • Full Site Setup
Content Creation

At this point everything is starting to resemble a complete site. There is just one thing missing: content. Your new sites will become fully populated with a variety of relevant content and media.

  • Proprietary Content Generation & Optimization
  • Featured Image Insertion (coming soon)
  • Table of Contents Creation
  • On Page Fragments (the secret sauce!)
  • Relevant Videos
  • And a Lot More!
Link Generation

With a fully fleshed out site on our hands, we are ready to give things a kick. Linking is the name of the game here and while these sites will eventually be links for your site, they need some initial linking themselves. Each complete site will get:

  • Internal Linking on Autopilot
  • Automatic External Linking
  • Manual Link poster (Coming Soon)
    • Search Through Existing Posts
    • Link Dripper
    • Post Booster
Site Cloaking

Sure, a fully optimized Mininet site is going to tear up the rankings, but they don’t always convert so well. Upload a fully optimized landing page to our cloaking device and overlay exactly what you want website visitors to see. Get the best of both worlds, a website fully optimized to rank and ready to convert your visitors!

Here’s what's included in the SERPx Cloud

Why Choose SerpX Cloud Premium?

When you’re building your own private network of powerful sites and you want to pull out all of the stops, SerpX Cloud Premium is pure power! By upgrading to premium you will receive:

More Posts Per Day

A larger post cap means even more posts every day. If there is one thing Google loves, it’s consistent content and that is exactly what premium provides. Populate your sites with regular, relevant content and keep up that pace, automatically

More IPs / More Clouds

By diversifying your project you further reduce any footprints. With an even larger range of IP’s, you can have more clouds and ultimately more security. Any additional steps that can further reduce your footprint is just more confidence you can have in the quality of links the you are creating

Overlay Option (backed by premium database)

Harness the power of your perfectly optimized pages by “Cloaking” them with a fully conversion optimized landing page. Place any landing page you have over the existing, ranking page and take advantage of the traffic being generated by your link network, on top of your money site.

Premium CDN’s

Your upgrade will also grant you access to the CDN component of the process. We will load your project up to a global infrastructure and deliver it to your users from the closets server for them. This is a huge factor for speed, security and DDoS protection.

Web Application Firewall

With the CDN in place we also have access to a full Web Application Firewall to add yet another layer to your networks already robust security. Protect your network from would be intruders who could pollute your network and harm its quality.

When we say this service includes everything you are going to need, we mean down to the last detail. Every part from domain acquisition, to the final analytics setup, is considered in this all-in-one push button solution. Below is a comprehensive break down of the service:

How our Process Works

Step 1 - Domain Setup

Based on the information you provide, we find PBN domains that have a profile that makes sense for your niche. These are then registered directly through SERPx Cloud and added to your personal registrar account via API. No account? No problem! There will be instructions for setting one up in the registration email you will receive. Domains can also be added manually in case you want to find and register them yourself.

Consistent coverage in online and offline media outlets can increase branded search. If expert assistance is out of reach, web developers can start at the bottom and do it themselves. They do this by applying to write on big sites, work to get on popular podcasts, and start a blog filled with good content.
Having your WHOIS enabled masks your registration details to reduce footprints. Our software ensures this is enabled whenever possible.
Domain Name Server (DNS) configuration - For each site you need to set the proper name servers to connect to your CDN or server. Yes, this is as big of a pain as it sounds for a project of this scale. SX Cloud will automatically change your nameservers so you don’t have to worry about it.

Step 2 - Enterprise Level Hosting

Site Speed is a huge ranking factor now. Every site we handle is hosted on the same level of robust, high quality servers we use for all of our projects. Maximum speed and stability are an absolute must. Google does not want to rank slow load times, no one likes that. As a result this has become an important ranking factor. To keep our speeds we feature:

  • SSD - Solid State Drives
  • NVMe Drives
  • 48 Cores per Server
  • 768GB of DDR4 RAM
  • 10 Gbit/s Bandwidth
  • Load Balancing Capability

Step 3 - CDN Setup

Sites are loaded to a worldwide infrastructure and delivered from the closest server for your website visitors. This helps to ensure increased security, DDoS protection, and web application firewalls are in place.

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Step 4 - Wordpress Total Installation

Installing Wordpress on each site within your network can be a huge undertaking, especially as your site list continues to grow, but not when it's all done for you. Each new site has a fresh WP install that is ready to start sucking in traffic.

  • Wordpress Cleanup (get rid of the hello world post, sample page, and all unnecessary plugins).
  • Theme Management: Installation, Activation, Configuration
  • Plugin Management: Installation, Activation, Configuration
  • Mandatory Pages Creation
  • Widgets Creation & Configuration
  • Menu Creation & Configuration
  • Category Setup & Implementation

Step 5 - Build the Site (Content Creation/Posting)

Now that we have a hosted site fully configured and ready to go, you need to start growing the site for maximum search engine exposure by adding a ton of content. Typically, this is one of the most time-consuming components of the process. Luckily, SERPx will be doing all of the heavy lifting on this one. From page generation to content creation and optimization, it does so much… it got its own section below.

Partner Organizations

Step 6 - Linking Options

SERPx Cloud will interlink your website internally and throughout your mininet automatically, following Google’s best practices. It will also manage your external linking and anchor text ratios if you want it to post links as internal pages are built. Your entire mininet networks powering up your campaigns, on complete autopilot!

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Step 7 - Overlay Setup “Cloaking”

Your mininet websites are optimized perfectly for ranking, but they might not convert as well as a perfectly optimized landing page. Luckily, all you have to do is overlay the landing page/website of your choice which is fully optimized for conversions! This will allow you to get the best of both worlds, rank high in the search engines and convert your visitors like a boss!

So what exactly does SERPx Cloud do?

Once the SERPx software is running and you have a steady flow of new sites coming in, they need to be put to work and start sucking in traffic ASAP. This is where the SERPx plugin itself really starts to pull ahead of the competition. Each site in your mininet is going to continue to grow with this powerful tool driving it forward. It takes care of…

Page Creation

You can't take over multiple spots in the top 10 with only one page. Generate multiple relevant pages over time and keep your sites growing. Don't just settle for first, dominate the top 10.

Content Creation

With all of these new pages being generated, we are going to need content (lots of it). Even if you have the time to write hundreds of pages of relevant content, let’s face it, you don't want to and paying someone would blow your budget. Upload your keyword list and let SERPx Cloud take care of the rest.

Automatic Linking

Having hundreds of powerful personal blog sites is great, but connecting each of those to your target is a huge undertaking. Upload a list of any links you want to connect your network to and the heavy lifting is all taken care of.

Having a massive network of relevant sites that can be trusted for all of your backlinking needs has been a white whale for many professional SEOs. This typically meant needing to pour endless resources into managing your own sites or paying someone else to do it. It's either a lot of work or you use a property that someone else owns and controls… until now!

SERPx Cloud is designed to keep YOU in control of your own network, and that's it. You are the one who gets the ball rolling and you have the final say on how your projects unfold, but as for your personal involvement, that's where it stops. Once the quick setup is complete, SX Cloud can automatically scale and help you grow your linking resources as the sites build.

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