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Plug in the power and turn on the content, all automatically

So what can SERPX Do?

Page Generation

Don’t settle for just the first position in the Serps. Take over the entire top ten with all of the relevant pages you have. Create relevant new pages on your site over time to keep things fresh and always growing. Your clients can’t go to the competition if they can’t find them.

Content Creation

All these new pages are going to need content. Let’s be real here, whether you have the time to make it or not, you probably don’t want to. Just upload your list of keywords and let SerpX take care of the rest.

Link Generation

Relevant backlinks are one of the fundamentals of good SEO. Upload a list of tier 1 URLS to our system and add trust and power to your backlink profile. Hand pick the most relevant sites yourself and let our system work them in to your content.

Organize Your Approach

Our plugin lets you handle every aspect of this process all in one place. Our dashboard is designed to make your time spent here quick and easy . We also provide a full, over the shoulder video series that covers how we are using SerpX for our own projects.

Automation Built from Experience

Our plugin does a lot of the work for you when it comes to page and content generation. Make no mistake, however, each part of the process used inside this powerful tool is the product of over 30 years combined SEO experience.

When generating pages, content and links, our powerful software is considering key ranking factors that optimize for success. This means when generating new content, you can be confident it is as ready to rank as you are.

Generate pages and fill them with content, all on auto-pilot

Plugin the power

Real Results

In this short clip you can see just how effective SerpX was for Mark when he tried it out.

Real Live Support

There is a lot you can do with SerpX. While we have tried to make our product as user friendly as possible, sometimes you just need a bit of help. That is why every member will have access to our exclusive SerpX Buyers Club Skype group. Ask questions, get tips, and interact with our team as well as other like minded marketers to get the most out of your experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any additional questions please reach out to our Team Members via Live Chat or a Support Ticket for more information.

Why Would I need more than one Install / key?
Typically, SerpX is used to quickly and automatically generate pages and content for your Tier 2 or private blog network sites. In most cases, clients will have anywhere from a small handful of these sites to, in some cases, hundreds. This is all of course based on your market and competition, but managing multiple sites is key for results.
Can I use SerpX On my Money Site?
Technically yes. You can physically install it and run it, but we would encourage you to think twice before doing so. SerpX is designed to pull content and automatically generate pages for you. While this does an amazing job of quickly creating and pulling content for your personal mininet, it is not likely the same quality you would expect for a money site. All that being said, while we do not endorse the the use with your main site, the choice is yours. The plugin will work for any wordpress install, but it is at your own discretion.
What Is a Tier 2 or PBN site?
When we talk about “Tiers” we are really talking about the number of steps away a property is from your money site. A Tier 1 property could be a social profile like Blogger or Google plus. These are an independent property from your main site that are directly linked back to it. A Tier 2 would in turn connect to the Tier 1 properties and is generally part of a small to large network. These second tier of sites would be niche relevant to the keywords you are trying to rank for and would push power to your tier 1’s. This then would ultimately drive power back to your money site.
Does my site need to be WordPress?
Yes! This is a wordpress plugin and as such your site will need to be wordpress for it to work.