For several years now Semantic Mastery has offered training on designing, building and maintaining a Google Stack. This is no small undertaking and it requires an entire course to understand the nuances of the process. After many requests we have finally put together a team of builders directly trained byMarco and Gary, the developers of RYS themselves. This makes SerpSpace.com the ONLY place to get official Semantic Mastery approved Google Drive Stacks.

Put Google to work


A complete Google Stack has several different components that work together to provide results. We leverage various different Google properties to push trust and relevancy. At its core, a stack consists of the following:

Google Drive

Google Drive is the core component to all Google Stacks. We create, assemble, and optimize all the files for your Google Drive Stack so you don’t have to. Each individual property in your stack is set up and optimized from top to bottom utilizing our proprietary methods to ensure maximum power.

Google Site

If you want to take it a step further, we also provide you with a Google Site. This is where we leverage and magnify the content created in your Drive.

Twitter Syndication

When an optimized Google drive and site aren’t enough, we give you the option to attach a created persona based syndication network to your stack. This persona acts as a brand ambassador and retweets any content your branded account tweets using a custom provided “#hashtag.”

Leverage Google's Trust To Work for you


As one would expect, Google gives more trust to its own products. If you haven't taken notice of this yet, the next time you Google something, take a look at how many “YouTube” results there are. YouTube is popular but it isn’t the ONLY video sharing platform. To put it simply: Google trusts itself and because of this, it is easier to leverage Google’s properties to boost your own rankings.

Get in the knowledge panel

If you're not familiar with the knowledge panel, it is the informational area that appears to the right of the search engine results.This happens when a brand that is familiar to Google is searched. If you want your business to show up for your brand, Google needs to know what that brand is and who to associate it with. A Google Stack is “advanced entity establishment” specifically designed to reinforce your brand with Google and hold the entire process together. When Google understands that your website is the BEST association to your brand, you appear in the knowledge panel.

Manage your own reputation

When someone searches for your brand online, what do you expect them to find? If the top 10 results are anything but your branded properties, you need to expand your reach. Your Google Stack will provide several branded properties created on Google's own trusted platform. This makes it easy for them to rank. Now when a potential customer searches for your business they know you're active and take your business seriously.

Dominate The Top 10

When we are done creating a Google stack, we effectively create a parasite page effect that can generate tremendous results. By leveraging the trust Google has in itself, you can occupy multiple top 10 spots for specific keywords. Takeover multiple positions in your local search results and make it nearly impossible for the competition to get a footing on the first page.

A Process So Advanced, It Has It’s Own Academy

We can certainly appreciate that building a Google Stack is a large and complex process. Trying to explain all of its nuances on a single page is next to impossible. This is why we provide a full and comprehensive course called “RYS Academy.” Our course will take you through every step, from creation to implementation. If you have the time and want to know how to create a Google Drive stack for yourself,we will provide you with the training that is necessary to replicate the process. Either way, we are more than happy to use our 5+ years of experience to show you or work for you.

Put Google to work