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Press Release Guidelines

Guidelines For Press Release content

When it comes to getting top quality content written for syndication success, we strongly recommend the use of our in house writing service. That being said, we are happy to allow you to create your own content. The following guidelines are very strict and if not met 100% will cause the content to be sent back for a revision. Here is the criteria use by SerpSpace and our partners to determine if a press release will be accepted for syndication.

It’s got to be news!

A good newsworthy press release consist of a title/headline and body focusing on one central topic that is a recent development.

Examples of this could include a new product or service, Professional anniversaries/milestones, achievements, or even your comments and reactions to other newsworthy events.

Simply announcing that a products is “now” available for sale online is not enough to rush to the presses.

It is also important to remember that your content needs to read like a piece of news, not a Wikipedia entry.

If you’re struggling with this at all, have a look through your local newspaper and take in their writing style.

Who are you and are you authorized?

It must be perfectly clear WHO is announcing the news contained in your release. As the spokesperson you must also have the authority to speak on behalf of any organizations contained in your content. Basically, unless you are a representative/official of the company or have an agreement with them, don’t report their news.

In situations like distributor, franchise, multi-level marketing, or any arrangement where the local branch cannot directly communicate with the corporate brand, we reserve the right to attempt to acquire written confirmation from a company official.

Written with the right style

This is often the trickiest part for business owners, employees or anyone involved with the news itself for one simple reason. You need to be 100% objective and free of hype, tall claims, UPPERCASE letters, sales messages, and exclamation points (seriously!)

Writing using the works “I”, “You” or really anything that is non-third person will NOT be accepted.

Don’t include any questions. This goes for the body content and headline.

Do not try and SELL anyone anything. In the same vein, do not push good feature after positive benefit into one paragraph. People will find the “hidden” plug from a mile.

Above all else they need to be written so they can be shared in any respectable newspaper. To get a better idea check out any quality paper syndication such as the New York Times or Washington post.

Length and Links

Your press release needs to be somewhere between 300 – 800 words, no more no less. Within this word count remember not to go nuts with link stuffing (it won’t get accepted). For every 150 words we recommend no more than 1 link.

100% Original Content

We DO NOT accept PR’s with duplicate or highly similar content to other publically released information. Submitting “spun content” is also grounds for a non-refundable cancelation of your PressRelease. We do not support the plagiarism of others and are very strict with this policy, please post responsibly.

No Sex, Crimes, or Hate

These are PROFESSIONAL news organizations we will be syndicating too so ask yourself this before you post: “Could they post this on the front page?” If you’re not 100% sure, try again.

The following is a partial list of topics that are banned:

Anything that seems inappropriate along the lines of what is mentioned above will also likely be rejected


While the guidelines above are pretty clear, there is no way we could possibly cover every scenario that will arise. At the end of the day, SerpSpace, reserves the right to reject any Press Release without prior notice, for any reason whatsoever. We also reserve the right to remove previously published Press Releases that we discover to be inappropriate after the fact.

If at any time you have questions regarding any of our policies or the press release service in general please feel free to contact us. Rejecting content is not a fun part of what we do but it is a necessary part of remaining credible. These guidelines may be updated at any time so please check back in before you post. Remember our team of writes is at your disposal for any press release you order.