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Complete Local Branding Packages

You have a business to run, we get that. All you want is some local exposure so you can do what you do best. We stripped out all of the BS to give you exactly what you need, and that’s it.

Local branding needs very specific signals and we have them

What's Included

Our Complete local branding packages have all of the components your going to need to jumpstart your SEO campaign. Each piece of the process will play an important role in your overall local ranking success. Below is a bit about what each component provides.

Brand Audit and Suggestions

It doesn't matter what your business is, you can't fix problems that you don't know exist. Even if you're aware an issue is holding your site back, without direction as to what it is, you could be making changes to things you really shouldn’t be. That is where our Citation and Brand audit comes in. Before we make you new citations we find out how the existing ones look and provide suggestions for improvement. Now you have a solid foundation on which you can start to build.

Citation Creation

No one is going to come to your business if they can’t find it. When it comes to local ranking success your name, address, and phone number are going to be a huge part of your identity. With your audit in hand, our team sets to work creating and updating your citations to ensure accuracy. While having lots of citations is important, the information matching is key for these citations to have the impact we need.

Web 2.0 Properties

Your brand is awesome! You know this, but does everybody else? If we think about standard marketing, you typically want to get your brand name out there on advertisements, billboards, press anything that gets exposure. Digital marketing is no different with its intent, but the method is a bit different. Setting up branded social and Web 2.0 properties creates places online where your brand is now visible and gives multiple places for google to associate it with your business and keywords.

Complete Local Branding Packages Brought to You by SerpSpace

Here I am Google

Press Release

Speaking of classic marketing, it's time to read all about it! A Press Release holds as much value today as it ever has, if not more. Not only is this an opportunity to share any big news you have with the world, but also build some SEO value as well. Don’t worry, not every Press Release needs to be some big announcement. The links generated by this service pack a wallop for your SEO, so if you need a hand inventing some “news” our team can help.

Bronze Silver Gold
Brand Audit with Suggestions Yes Yes Yes
Citations (General, Niche, Geo) 40 75 135
Entity Stack Standard Standard Premium
Press Releases 1 1 2
Brand Audit with Suggestions Yes
Citations (General, Niche, Geo) 40
Entity Stack Standard
Press Releases 1
Brand Audit with Suggestions Yes
Citations (General, Niche, Geo) 75-100
Entity Stack Standard
Press Releases 1
Brand Audit with Suggestions Yes
Citations (General, Niche, Geo) 100-125
Entity Stack Premium
Press Releases 2

Local success starts with accurate information, get your NAP uniform across all sources.

Lets get in order

A Complete Solution for Local Branding

Ranking locally is a much different sports ball field than National and Global. If you want your business to appear in Google’s 3 pack, you are going to be looking at very specific factors and ranking signals. That is why we have created this fully Done For You local branding system. Our packages contain everything your site is going to need to get the local boost you want. Whether for your own site, or for client work of your own, Local Branding Packages give you all of the right stuff, without all the fluff. No matter what stage of growth your business is in, the right time to start is now.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any additional questions please reach out to our Team Members via Live Chat or a Support Ticket for more information.

Are these packages 1 time or monthly recurring?
All of our local packages are one time purchases and will not recur monthly. That being said, you can take full advantage of any discounts we have running and purchase multiple packages together and configure them individually any time.
Why is there a range for the amount of Citations?
When we are selecting the sites for your citations, we are not just picking at random. In some cases, certain sites will not make as much sense as others for your citations. Putting your citations on irrelevant sites can do more harm than good, but we always try for as many as we can. It is for this reason we maintain a range for the amount delivered for both of our larger packs.
Do I need to configure all components of my order at once?
Yes, for the full package to be processed you will need to fill out all of the required information before we begin work on the order. Each component works together and as such we need to get all of your information and start work at the same time.
Will I get to see the press release before it gets sent?
Yes! All press releases that are written for you will be sent to you for approval before being release to the wire. Our team of writers will prepare a release for you based on industry with the intent to get picked up as many distribution sites. If you have amendments, however, we are happy to include them.

A complete package for local branding success, fully loaded and never bloated.

Get Fully Loaded