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Optimizing your on-page is the best place to make the most of your content and leverage it for real results. Don’t waste money on SEO that won’t move a site that is stuck. Make sure your site is able to rank and make the most of your marketing investment.

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Don’t wonder if you will rank, make sure your can.

No Amount of SEO Can Rank the Unrankable

When you are planning your site layout and silos, you need to remember your marketing strategy will have to work hand in hand with this structure . The language you use on every page of your site must not only speak to your potential clients, but use the language they are actually looking for. When done correctly your on-page will not only help direct clients to the right part of your site via keywords, but also improve the usability of your site. This all contributes to the client experience and ultimately conversion on your site.

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Why Do I Need On-page Optimization?

When we discuss on-page optimization in general we are talking about several different aspects. This takes into consideration all of the things we can add to a webpage to help the search engines rank it properly. The elements of the page we alter during our process goes beyond just including certain words in your content and modify fundamental page elements with the information Google is looking for.

If you do not have this fundamental information present in the places the engines are looking, this can confuse them and make ranking even harder. Page elements such as your titles and meta tags need to contain specific and relevant terms for your SEO to have effect. You can try to rank for the “big terms” all you want but if they are not present in the foundation of your site, it will be an uphill struggle at best.

How Does My On-page Translate Into More Customers?

In a perfect world, you have done thorough keyword research (or had our team do it for you) and have all of the terms you are going to target ready. By leveraging these terms and ensuring that they are present in the correct places on your page, you make it easier for the search engines to find them. Now when clients search the terms you have optimized for, they are going to find you faster and more often. More people viewing your site that were actually looking for service like yours is a recipe for conversion in any industry.

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What Exactly Do You look at?

When our team takes a look at your on-page components we are looking for some very specific things. Each area is carefully inspected and then brought in line with very specific standards. These standards are based on what is currently ranking the sites in the top positions and aim to match and surpass your competition.

We inspect the following elements:

Title Tags

Each of the titles on your page are going to give a huge amount of direction to the search engines. Imagine someone skimming the headlines to get the gist of the story, that is exactly what Google is going to do. With that in mind, it is important to get your big ideas across in as few words as possible and show the search engines the keywords they are expecting to see.

Meta Descriptions

Not only are these typically not optimized, most people don't even bother to generate these. These are the descriptions your clients are going to see before they decide to even click on your site, these need to give the impression you want and put your company's best foot and keywords forward.

Alt Tags

Another frequently overlooked component of optimization are your image alt tags. Having appropriate alt tags gives far more relevance to your images and increases the probability your images will show up in rankings.

Map and Video Embeds

Any video or Google map listing that is provided, we can incorporate. These will not be found by our team and if they are not included they will not be used. If you do not currently have a map or video, this is an optional step though highly recommended.

Powerful Tools For Powerful Results

As part of our on-page suite we incorporate some of the most powerful tools available online today. We didn’t waste time reinventing the wheel on these. We incorporated two of the most respected and thorough analysis tools available today, and we are proud of it. Below is a bit more on each.

Page Optimizer Pro

The leader in on-page analytics and the foundation of our analysis. The report that is generated by this powerful tool is what our team will use to form the initial picture of where your site is at. The changes presented in this report are not just simply implemented, however. While many of the changes will be made, we do not just make all of them because the tool said so. Caution and a keen eye is required to decide which ones to do and what ones can be left out to prevent doing more harm than good.. Our team uses the data collected, along with our collective experience to give you the best possible chance at dominating the SERPs.

Cora Reporting

Combining 500+ on-page and off-page ranking factors and comparing it against the top 100 competitors in your niche, Cora is pure strength in the form of data. Take a truly in-depth look at your content and the factors that make it work for you. The words on your page do far more than just speak to your clients. Find out how your competition is getting the ranking they have and take over.

Fix My Site!
Don’t wonder if you will rank, make sure your can.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any additional questions please reach out to our team members via Live Chat or a Support Ticket for more information.

Do you need access to my site to make changes?
To perform all of the needed updates we will need the login details. If you are a WordPress user, then admin access is all that is required to get everything done. If you create a custom username and password for us to use, this keeps all of the control in your hands. At any point this information can be changed or reset by you.
What if I have a custom CMS?
If you have some custom made super CMS that your personal super nerd made for you, we can certainly try. We will do our best to work with any platform, but sometimes we just can’t. If you have something out of the ordinary, or even think you might, please ask before ordering. We do not offer refunds on purchased products, so please proactively contact our support team at [email protected]
Will you change my URL?
As a rule, no. We have no way of knowing how many backlinks and the amount of marketing investment you have put into certain pages. If we think an entire URL change is needed, we will let you know. Mind you, we have done a LOT of sites and that almost never comes up.