Links and Citations your Competition has never even considered

Accurate Citation and Link Creation

One part: citation building, one part link creation. All of this is powered by the types of visual media that Google loves to share. Multimedia Citations capitalize on the current trend of easy “visual media” ranking. We use this to create powerful citations AND links in the same service. If multimedia marketing is not already a part of your strategy, the time to start is now!

So Much More Than Citation Creation

When you purchase Multimedia Citations from SerpSpace, you get more than just a citation. Every piece of media we create for you will be yours to use when everything is completed. Here is a breakdown of what we do for you:

Video Creation

For every video we create: We prepare and present 4 scripts for you to choose from. This is NOT spun content. We only provide original hand written content by native english speaking writers. Each script is 100% unique and created just for you.

Video Options

We include a great slideshow and voice over video with your purchase. Once you tell us which script you prefer, you’ll have the option to choose a video style that suits you best. We also give you the option to upgrade with custom animations and sounds. These are definite advantage to the service.

Image and Audio Creation

After the video is made and the professional voice over and sounds are prepared, we continue to make use of every part that is created. We’ll take images generated by the video and audio media to leverage additional citation and link creation opportunities for you.

Link creation

A vast majority of these sites provide not only a citation but an opportunity to create a strong link as well. Here is what we provide:

  • Each Video we create will provide you with 20 Citations and 20 Links
  • Each Set of Sound clips and Images will provide an Additional 30 Citations and nearly as many Links
  • A minimum of 50 Citations and Upwards of 50 links total for each Order

Much more than just a Citation, get a script, video, audio and images with every order.

Diversify and Dominate the Competition

One of the most important steps when building a citation in any niche is being able to look at what the competition is doing and understand what is working for them. Once you’re in the position to compete however, it’s time to make a winning push! The links and citations created by this service are of a higher quality than what you will see in other SEO campaigns. The diversity of these citations is where this package really shines. By matching your competition and then adding components they don't have you can start to pull ahead and stay there.

If I’m Already On the Top of Google, Do I Need a Service Like This?

A common misconception with SEO is that once you’ve reached the top spot, you’re done. We’re here to tell you that there is more you can do to gain multiple positions, drive traffic and take your business even higher. Diversifying your links and citations with this service can help you grab a second place on the coveted first page of Google!

It has become obvious that Google loves to rank YouTube videos. Many think the leading factor is because Google owns YouTube. Whatever the reason, videos are currently performing very well and this is a service that is designed to make the most of it for you. Secure as many positions as you can by having a diverse set of properties for your company.