If your Citations are not Matching, you’re Fighting an Uphill Battle

What it takes to be able to rank

Before investing a great deal of time and money into any external marketing, you need to make sure the basics are in check. For a local site, this means that your citations need to match 100% across the board. If not, all of your external SEO efforts won’t produce the results you need. Don’t waste anymore time and money on trying to push a broken ride over the finish line. We will check every aspect of your citations and and make sure you're able to start racing for a win.

Why EVERY local business needs a citation analysis

When you’re an open and operating local business, even if you have not actively taken steps to create citations, they can still exists. Whether its automated tools pulling information from directories or someone manually posting about your business. The point is, it wasn’t you. Here is what our analysis will provide:


By fully analysing all of your existing citations we provide you with a big picture of how google already sees you locally. With this understanding, we can begin to correct the mistakes and maintain our solid foundation moving forward.


With an analysis in hand you are now able to see the changes that need to be made to your profiles. Once we have fixed any incorrect NAP information that may have been standing in the way, your local SEO efforts will be free to take full effect.


Dont wonder or worry if your information is correct online. Know for sure. Empower yourself to make the changes that will actually help improve your rankings. There is no need to be in the dark about your information. Create the confidence you need to tell Google where you are with our analysis services.

Some of the most Common Site Errors are the Largest Stopping Points for Ranking

Analysis and Clean up

When we analyse a client's site we take the time to manually go through every citation. Upon completion, you are provided a list of any errors or inconsistencies found. So what’s the next step? All of these errors can’t be left to sit. This is why we offer our Citation Cleanup Service. With your analysis in hand you have everything necessary to make the corrections that your site is in need of.

Lets Find Out

Website Analysis

When we start talking about pulling out the blockades that prevent good rankings, there is no point in stopping half way. One wall blocking your path is just as detrimental as a 100. We need to help you tear them down.

The comprehensive website analysis we offer inspects over 20 of the most common pain points a site has when trying to get rankings. We are going to factor in what your site is doing well, what it needs to improve on, and the things it’s not doing at all. This should become part of your process with any new site or client you take on. You might be surprised what you’ll find is holding the business back.

What are the major factors you should take into account with a site analysis?

While looking into the major factors that could be hurting your site such as NAP data, Maps and your schema, we also focus on other important areas for you.

All The Benefits, None of the Work

Onpage SEO

Your on page SEO needs to be in order. We will take a look at the “not so locally” specific factors like your internal linking structure, how fast your site loads, if it’s responsive for mobile or not and more. These are factors google is looking for so we need to consider them all.

Google My Business Page

If you have a GMB page, you’re done, right? This common misconception is not exactly accurate. While it can seem simple at first there are ways to optimize this to make it work for you. We will show you how to optimize your personal GMB and maximize your results.


We are going to look around your pages and links to make sure any important pages are not being ignored. We will also provide you with some potentials for new link sources.

Site Content

A sites content plays an enormous factor in its ranking. If this is not in order, crawlers are going to have a very hard time understanding what you're all about. We will let you know how much content your site has that is current, whether or not it could use more and if there is any duplications that need to be addressed.

Conversion Elements

Conversion elements are not a direct part of SEO but when it comes to the final results of what you are trying to achieve, it couldn’t be more important. We have come to include this in our audits due to the overwhelming number of sites we see getting the basics wrong. We will ensure your site isn’t making any major conversion mistakes and show you the areas you can improve.

Social Profile

How many social signals does your site currently have? Does it have any at all? Even if there are social profiles for the business, where else could you register the brand name? If you’re not sure, don’t worry. Our social profile overview will look into the most important aspects of your social presence and report all of our findings to help answer all of these questions and more. Get the insight you need about your social engagement and performance from SerpSpace!