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SerpX Cloud Keyword Research

Don’t waste hours of your time looking through hundreds or even thousands of keywords and autofill queries hoping to find the best ones. Let our team do all of the heavy lifting for you

Yes! Please do it for me
Premium keyword research, with no duplication or “garbage” terms.

What makes our keyword research tactics so special?

There are a number of ways to generate a keyword list, right? So what makes our methods better than the rest? When we look for terms to populate your sites we are looking for any and all that will fit. That means you get:

Designed specifically for the SERPx service

If you are like many of our clients and using this service to populate your SERPx Cloud package, you’re practically done. This keyword research comes fully prepared to be used with the SXC keyword buckets so you can start creating huge, cash generating money sites right away.

A Complete Keywords Lists

With our in-depth keyword research, we are going to provide hundreds and in some cases thousands of keywords for your project. This means a tremendous amount of options and flexibility when constructing sites and projects.

Our Time, Not Yours

No matter what level of keyword research you are doing, it takes time (sometimes a lot of it). With our full, done for you service you get the most extensive research we have available and spend none of your valuable time on it

No duplicates or “garbage” terms

When we as humans search, we do some funny things. This causes google and other engines to “think” certain things are related, when in reality they could not be further apart. Every list we generate is scrapped for duplications as well as “garbage” terms that have been included. This manual inspection is done by a real person from our staff who will take a look at your money site to make sure it's not us who is missing something.

What do I need to get started?

Even though your keyword research is going to be part of your foundation for any campaign, you do not need to provide much to get started. Our team can generate an extensive list of terms for any project with just a few details to get us going. For each order we will need:

Your Main Category

This should be the overarching idea that this project will be covering (Example: plumber, roofing, payday loans). These are your broad market terms that you can further specify in the next step.


This is where you will further break down your category into smaller ideas that are all related to your main concept (Example; burst pipe, ac repair, furnace repair). Your keywords will all fit under each of these so include as many as you can think of that are relevant.

Seed Terms (optional)

If you have already done some research, or just have some ideas to get us started, it is all welcome. If you have them, you can provide seed terms for our team to use to start vastly expanding your list.

Your Money Site

Having your money site in hand will help ensure we are going in the right direction for your overall campaign. This allows us to develop the best possible keyword set that is exactly what you are looking for. With that information at your disposal, we are able to incorporate your niche expertise with our team’s keyword discovery tactics.

I have a keyword list… So why do I need keyword research?

If you are looking into creating your own mininet or mass traffic sites, you probably already have a list of terms you are hoping to rank for. This is an important step as you need to have a general direction for your terms. Quite often, however, these lists of terms are missing many of the related keywords that should also be a part of your campaign. Worse yet, if any seemingly related terms that were not properly removed make it into your list, you can muddle your message and hinder traffic and rankings.

Our method is not only completely done for you, but it is also extremely thorough. We do not stop at just a few related terms or a handful of niche related ideas. We use our tools and extensive SEO experience to find the most complete list possible, based on the information you provide. This is, in most cases, FAR more terms than the average keyword list. Best of all it is ready to be put right in our SERPx services, used for any traditional SEO project, or both!

Don’t waste time searching through thousands of terms. That is what our team is trained to do.

Is this mandatory for SerpX Cloud?

SERPx Cloud works at its best when fed with a large list. Most keyword research is often too lean and will produce suboptimal results. While you can provide your own keyword research, we highly recommend our internal research.

Where do I get SerpX Cloud?

If you have made it this far and do not yet have SERPx Cloud, you can get it at any time. The keyword research provided here is optimized for use with SXC but the order of operations here is not important. If you are ready to order your research, you can do so now. You can then set up your SERPx Cloud subscription right away.