Having wonderful products and service won't help if your clients can't find you

Targeted Citations: Let’s Get Specific

If you’ve followed our best practices so far you’ll have your Citation Analysis in hand and a strong set of Foundational Citations to begin with. If not please check out each of those services first as they will create the solid foundation that your hometown citations will rest upon.

With your report in hand and foundation in place, you are ready to start helping Google associate the “where” with the “what.” By reinforcing your relevance we solidify the entire picture to Google. We’ll help them understand that “you are a provider of_______, located in_______.” This type of visibility is exactly the kind of exposure you are looking for.

Know What works, Do what Works

Every niche that we approach can be wildly different than the last and it can be hard to figure out just what citations do the best job for you. Our team does not waste any time guessing. We’ll look at what’s already working in your niche and analyze the top competitors to find out where the most beneficial citations are. Based on your goals and their success, our team will ensure your citations are in the best places possible.

Hand built, Always Relevant

When our team creates a citation, we build them FOR YOU. This means that we hand select the citations that best fit your business and niche. While general citations are part of what we do, having a campaign that is overpopulated with these lack the same push. This is why every citation is manually created by a member of our team and no two citation orders will be the same.

Step past your competition and start reaping their rewards

Do I Need Anything Special to Get Started?

Getting your Hometown Citations rolling is just as easy as our other citation services. We advise that if you haven’t taken the opportunity to have a Citation Analysis AND create your Foundational Citations, that you take a moment to look at those services first. All you need to begin is the basic information below:

  • Your Site URL
  • Name of the Business
  • Physical Address
  • Business Phone Number
Help Google Find Me

Will I Receive Phone Calls About This?

Yes. With some of the more stringent sites, there can be a phone verification step that happens. This is a perfectly normal part of the process. It indicates that the sites requirements for being listed are more detailed than others. This translates into it being a better property to be listed with. This shows that ALL of the companies on it will have had to go through the same steps as you.

I have multiple local locations, how do I prepare for this?

The best practice in this instance will be to create sub pages on your main site for each location. The correct NAP data can be placed on each page with relevant information. Using Geo-modifiers and having a Google map embed in the content is a huge plus.