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If you are looking to build out a powerful Private Blog Network (PBN), you’re going to need a consistent amount of quality domains!

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The same PBN service you have always enjoyed from SerpSpace. Each domain is perfect for powering up your local campaign with highly targeted results. Back your campaign with guaranteed spam free relevant domains.

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Are you looking to make a broader outreach and totally dominate your niche. This is something that cannot be done alone. We provide broad overarching terms and relativity to help you target all facets of your entire niche with each powerful and relevant domain

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by far one of the best quality products and services I have used. I always know that I can rely on serpspace to deliver....

Posted by Kyle Arnold on Friday, June 14, 2019

Tony is amazing to work with his customer's support and patience with me was amazingly impressive. He took the time to...

Posted by Michael A Merlino on Thursday, June 13, 2019

Great SEO tools and products that actually work, especially if you couple them with the training. Basically we use the...

Posted by Jordan Fowler on Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Our PBN Domains Are Better

Not JUST Metrics

It has been a common misconception that all you need are good metrics; while metrics do provide very certain information, it does little to determine how well it will perform as part of your PBN. Any serious SEO buyer knows exactly what we are referring to!

Backlinks Matter

One of the most important factors we consider is the domain’s backlink profile. Metrics are an attempt to numerically represent the value of your backlinks. If you value the metric itself over and above what the actual backlink profile looks like, you will not get the result you expect consistently.

Be Relevant

Links that are relevant to your niche and thematically appropriate will always be better. A natural looking link actually compliments the existing profile and builds relevancy, where others makes little to no sense and will not provide the same push.

Expired PBN Domains

Hand Picked

When you purchase an expired PBN domain from SerpSpace, you buy more than just a URL. You also get the knowledge and experience our team has gained over the tens of thousands of PBN domains that have been examined and provided to our clients.

No Spam

Each domain you receive will be individually selected based on our rigorous standards. These standards ensure each domain is relevant to your niche and passed through our Spam Free Guarantee checklist.


  • A consistent process that is based on Google's Seed Site Patent
  • Links Google will see as authoritative from websites in your niche
  • At least 1 seed site link per domain to ensure power
  • Individually examined backlinks for relevancy and power
  • A manual spam check of each domain
  • Each PBN domain delivered has at least 10 referring domains
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If you have not already decided to get the most powerful tool available for planning your SEO campaign, here are a couple things to consider.

Previously Owned By A Real Businesses

The backlink profiles of real sites look very different from ones that have been manipulated by an SEO professional.

Backlink Site Relevancy

We look to see where the backlinks are coming from. Are they from relevant sites?

Not Damaged Goods

Do they look like they have been abused and manipulated?

We Look At The Overall Anchor Text Profile

Each domain is checked for problematic anchors that may be the root of ranking issues.

Backlink Integrity

We manually inspect the individual backlink locations to see what kind of links they are.

Seed Site Backlinks

We evaluate how many backlinks are coming directly from seed sites.

Historical Check

We review the website’s history in to check for clear signs of SEO. If a domain does not show up in archive, we assume it has been spammed and move on.

Previous Ownership Investigation

We evaluate the “whois data” of the domain and check to see how many people have owned this domain in the past.

Partner Organizations


Google already has a set of sites it trusts for each niche: these are known as “seed sites.” We locate and identify the most trusted ones in your niche! When it comes to establishing trust, the closer you are to trusted sites, the more trust you have.

What Our Customers Have To Say

What People Have To Say

Excellent products, knowledge and services. Thank you guys!

Posted by Corey Rose on Tuesday, July 18, 2017

I ordered an RYS Entity Stack for a money site. All the Drive properties indexed in 24 hours. Very well worth the...

Posted by Scott Walker on Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Automatic Site Creation

Populating each domain with pages and content requires a large investment of time. That is why we developed our SERPx Cloud software to take all of the heavy lifting off of you. We take care of everything from hosting the site, to building the pageas and all of the content needed for each.

SERPx Cloud Can:

  • Host Your PBN Network
  • Generate Site Structure and Content
  • Install Wordpress
  • Eliminate Wordpress Footprints
  • Manage the Entire Network

3 Reason To Choose Our PBN’s

When getting domains from SerpSpace you know you will be getting quality. With every single one we ensure:

100% Spam-free

Every Domain we provide is guaranteed to be free of spam. This means your site is and has always been relevant to your niche.

Able To Be Indexed

Domains Google can't crawl simply won't provide power. We provide only domains that Google will actually look at.

10 Referring Domains Minimum

We ensure each domain has at least 10 referring domains. You don't want links that are stranded in the middle of nowhere.

When link building money sites, you should be buying domains with trust flow if your goal was to be indexed in Google. We have taken the hard work away from searching for an expiring domain in hopes you get one that exactly matches your niche relevancy. So if you're still weighing domain authority against citation flow to find yourself a cheap pbn, let SerpSpace take the edge off by finding domains and guest posts that actually help you rank. Imagine not having the headaches of anchor texts or some blog network because all the reasons to use private blog networks can be done much easier.

Buy a pbn domain from a site looked at for problems, like having them spam checked. pbn networks are complicated enough that we opted to provide quality domains following existing seo strategies that please domain crawlers. White hat solutions will mean less time to block ips or finding cheap hosting. The guide to finding good local seo has already been given. Link juice from your pbn link that's been manually checked is even easier now. Why use blog commenting when you should bulk buy hosting for thousands of domains with our solution to help blog post.