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Don’t take chances when optimizing your site. Compare it to the top 100 sites who are actually ranking, to see how you really stack up. Make changes based on real data and get the most out of your marketing efforts.

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When it comes to ranking for specific terms, all the keyword research in the world can still leave you feeling like you are playing guessing games. To make things more complex each keyword is going to be different in terms of difficulty and this is all based on the competition that holds the top positions. Yikes, that is a lot of variables.

You need real information that you can make actionable decisions with.

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What Ranking Factors Do You Take Into Consideration?

When you get a Cora Report from SerpSpace you can rest assured we leave no stone unturned. Each report looks at over 500 different on-page and off-page factors and compares it with the sites who are already ranking. Here are some of the factors you can expect to see in your report.


We will take a look at the entire page you provide and see how its physical attributes stack up. We factor in things like:

  • Size Your word and sentence count
  • Title length and content analysis
  • Navigation links and keywords


It is not just the amount of images we want to consider, but also the information contained therein. We look for:

  • The number of images - more or less than the competition
  • Alt Tags - the information google associates with this image


Multimedia content is a huge boon when ranking today. We check for:

  • Number of videos - any videos present on the page
  • Youtube embeds - Specific to YT, Google's own property


One of the most important factors when trying to rank for specific terms. We consider:

  • Location - Where your keywords are on the page
  • Density - How frequent certain terms appear within content

Social signals

Proper branding on social platforms is a must for climbing the ranks. Google is looking the same factors we are:

  • Facebook Links - How many times you link to FB
  • Other Social Links - How often you reach other social platforms
  • Comments - whether or not comments are being made on your content

Link demographics

Understanding your link profile is key to helping it perform. We track:

  • Do follow - Links you have that pass power
  • No follows - Links you have that do not pass power
  • Internal / External links - Are your links to your site or others

Compared with sites who are already ranking

When we talk about ranking in the search engines we often discuss getting to the “Top” or “ranking Number 1”. At a glance, this can seem daunting as many members of our niche are fairly well established. What many people don’t realize is that your competitors are your best source of actionable data. When you want the number one position, you just need to be a bit better than the guy who holds that position now. Your Cora Report is designed to show you how to meet and supass your competition on key factors.

Your competition is the best source of data, see what they are doing right with Cora

How do I compare?

Why top 100 and not just the Site in No. 1

When we consider ranking factors we want to look at much more than just one site. Our report compares all of the sites in the top 100 with the sites in the top 10 and bases its suggestions on how effective each is. Some site will be doing better or worse than others in specific areas. It is the comparison of this data across the board that will give us useful information. While the majority of the final comparison is done with the top spots, we want to check in with everyone along the way and see what's working for them

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any additional questions please reach out to our Team Members via Live Chat or a Support Ticket for more information.

Should I try to make ALL of the changes in my report as soon as possible?
While you will ultimately want to make the vast majority of the changes, doing them all at once is not advisable. Google loves things looking natural and making a ton of changes all at once just isn't. Start with your most problematic areas and address those first. Make changes in small clusters and see what effect is has. As you go you will see how your rankings for your keyword either fluctuate or don’t.
How long is a Cora report accurate for?
Your Cora report is a “Snapshot” of the current state of Google at a given time. This information can and does change all the time. For this reason, it is advised that a fresh Cora report is pulled prior to making any major changes to your site. This will ensure you have the most up-to-date information to make decisions from.
How much can I change at once if I am ranking Well / Poorly?
Depending on your current rankings you will either want to be careful or more liberal with your modifications. If you are currently low, you can feel free to make more changes at once as the only place to go is up. If you are ranking well, on the other hand, you will want to take more care. Make smaller changes and see how it affects things. Something you are currently doing is right and we do not want to upset that.
Can I get a Cora report without an active site to see what ranking factors will be important?
Yes, for the required domain put NA and the report will show you what the top 100 sites are doing for a given search term. This will not have information on how your site compares but can give you an idea of what you would need to get started.