Incorrect citations will hurt your rankings, even if YOU didn’t create them

Making Sure You're Able To Rank

After you start with your Citation Audit you’ve likely noticed your incorrect NAP information out there. Worse yet, there could be actual customers calling the wrong number or even visiting the wrong locations. Yikes! Trying to cleanup this mess manually will take you weeks of meticulous effort before you even start to get the citations corrected. Trust us when we say… this is not a process you want to do yourself.

Before you ask, yes! We would be more than happy to help. Our Citation Cleanup service will take care of the mess and ensure your listings are in complete agreement. Designed for websites with any number of existing citations we will remove any duplicates that exist and standardize your NAP across all sites.

Here's Why our Citation Cleanup is Your Best Option

A few citations can take hours

Even with a small amount of citations being incorrect you are going to need to invest several hours of work just to get them in line. This can easily become day's worth of work or more if there are numerous incorrect citations.

High Correction rate

We fix every incorrect citation we can for you as the vast majority of sites will allow this. Keep in mind, there will be a few citations that are unreachable due to companies like Yext. However, 70-90% of the sites can and will be corrected for you. Citation cleanup is a “per use” process that doesn’t need to occur on a monthly basis. Don’t be fooled by providers like Yext. They will have you locked into a subscription based service with your correct citation information being held hostage by monthly recurring fees.


If the changes and updates you made to your citations aren’t getting crawled or indexed, you may as well have done nothing at all. Anything Google can’t see or find isn’t going to help your website. Once we have everything in order, we’ll give your citations a fighting chance when it comes to being picked up by Google. Adding the power of our Indexing Service to your citations is a bonus we provide with every Citation Cleanup, free of charge.

Don’t lose any more customers to incorrect NAP information


When we perform a Citation Cleanup, as always, we provide you with a detailed report of what’s happened. This shows all the accurate NAP information about your business on the sites we’ve edited for you and also the places where adjustments were unable to be made. In some cases the only reason we are unable to make changes to the citation is that: we are not you. The citations that cannot be corrected due to identity verification will be included in the report and you are able to follow up with them yourself to manually edit the citation.

You may be Called for verification

Some sites take their verification a step further and this is fantastic for anyone that is listed with them. By manually phone verifying adjustments to your citations you know you are secure and are guaranteed to be posted next to other real business. So if anyone calls you to verify your NAP, help them out as much as you can.

Don’t be held hostage by the competition

Citation services are nothing new but the way we handle them certainly is. Many other citation services keep you locked into a recurring payment for citation management. If your plan stops, any corrections to your citations get reverted. This is on top of the standard minimum rates charged, regardless of how many citations you ACTUALLY need cleaned up.

At SerpSpace we believe our clients come first and we’ll never force you into anything. This is why we gauge our service on a per citation basis. No matter how many citations you need cleaned up, you’ll never pay for more than what you need. Once we are done, that's it. No recurring fees, no reverting information.

If you ever want to make sure everything is still in order, just use our Citation Analysis and see if anything needs to be touched up. No contract, no hassle, just consistent information.