Hello everyone.

As I explained in my last post, our site update has gone live and
people seem to be responding very positively to the changes we’ve made. This
doesn’t mean we are done, of course. It’s a process and we are going to
continue to make our site better and better for our community. With that said,
I want to introduce two new products to our lineup.

While we worked on bringing everyone a new and improved user
experience, it didn’t stop us from developing and implementing new products and
ideas. We quietly rolled out our new On-Page Assistant Suite and Link Building
Packages during the update and I want to tell you all a little bit about them.

On-page assistant suite

Our On-Page Assistant Suite is a tool that has been in the works for a
few months now and is the brainchild of our CEO Roman Barnes and Theo Medina. I
have worked closely with them to bring this from concept to reality and analyze
the results as we got everything just right. Analysis and reporting is kind of
my thing, so I am pretty stoked about adding this to our list of great
products. In my personal opinion, I think too many people go into things blindly
and would see significantly better results by taking the time to assess the
market they intend to compete in.

Our On-Page Assistant Suite is a tool for just that. On-page
optimization has been a consistent factor for site ranking for a while now and for
good reason. Most updates Google does are to get users to where they want to
be. A big component of that is readability and navigation. Customers need to be
interested in what they are seeing and be easily directed to where they need to
be. This is what op-page optimization is for. Direct customers where they need
to be but also show Google that you are set up for exactly what they are
looking for.

On-Page Assistant Suite utilizes some powerful industry tools on top of
our own work as an added bonus to you. We include reporting from Page Optimizer
Pro and Cora Reports so you get the most complete picture available. If you are
interested, check out the information page for it here.

Link Building Packages

Another new product we have added is our Link Building Packages. Let’s
be real, from the beginning a lot of SEO could be summed up with one word. Linking.
Google started with a simple idea called the Random Surfer Algorithm before
they were even Google. It ranked sites based on trust that was determined by
who linked to it and who it in turn linked out to. This created a web of connections
with the idea being that sites with many links must be considered highly
useful. Anyone in the SEO field could instantly think of multiple easy exploits
for this, so as Google has progressed from this idea to RankBrain and beyond,
it has gotten more in depth, thorough, and complex. Even with all of these
changes that have occurred, linking is still a central facet that Google is
built upon.

This is why we created our new link building packages, to help our
community tell Google that they are relevant. We’ve had link building tools on
our site since the beginning so this isn’t a new idea. What we focused on is
how to leverage those tools for maximal effect by combining them and building
power off of each other.

This package uses the power of guest posts that focus on triple-t
(theme, trust, traffic) and augments them with power posts. I’ll let you in on
a little secret while I discuss this. We weren’t happy with how our power posts
were performing in the past, so we redesigned them as well. We have revamped
the power post system before implementing this so you all could get better
results from them as a standalone service or as part of this package.

Power Posts were planned to be the backbone of many of our campaigns
but they were not getting the results we expected. The quality was not as
strong as we require and we continually tested them in our QA process. SEO is
an ever evolving field, so we adapt and that is exactly what we have done. You
can find out more about what our new link building packages include here.

So there you have it, the two newest additions to our marketplace. I
have belabored the point a bit but I wanted to let you all know about all the
great things we are doing in the background. As we grow and make ourselves a
stronger community, communication is a vital point and my intention is to get
more quality information out through the university system, our blog, and the
soon to arrive forum. Help us make our community stronger and let us know any
suggestions you have.


One more thing, we have a site wide sale going on through 30 May, 2019 to celebrate our overhauled site. If these products or any others interest you, be sure to get them now with the coupon code freshlook15.