Hey everyone,

You’ve probably noticed that things have been pretty quiet here at
SerpSpace recently. We’ve been hard at work and I’m pretty excited about what
we’ve gotten done so far. The experience for our clients is always our top
concern, so we’ve been working on making the experience better for you. Get
ready for a whole new system.

To begin with, you will likely notice that our frontend and backend have
been completely revamped. We’ve organized our products and navigation to make
finding what you are looking for easier than ever. Our old website wasn’t built
to handle the increase of new tools we have been pushing this year and it was
time for it to get with the times. With this, you should see a few new
sections. Some of these are a work in progress but this is where we’ve been
spending a lot of our time and effort.


The first addition to our site is our roadmap. We understand that
sometimes online marketing can be kind of daunting and determining which SEO
tools are most relevant can be difficult. While we have improved navigation, it
can still leave many of our community members in the dark about what to do
when. This is where our roadmap comes in. Your roadmap will walk you through
what you need for your campaign from start to finish. It is completely free and
tailored for your organization’s goals and market. This isn’t some cookie
cutter purchase plan like we’ve seen on other SEO sites.

Another addition you will see is the SerpSpace University. We have been
working behind the scenes creating quality content to share with our users.
This is a work in progress, so expect to see more and more here as we time goes
on. Once this new user experience push is complete, even more of our attention
will be directed to projects like the university. We will be expanding the
content to cover subjects such as: marketing, website creation, search engine
optimization, patents, machine learning and artificial intelligence, and many
other topics. Topics will be geared towards subjects that can help our
community thrive in our digital world. I have a lot to say about this because I
have been putting a lot of effort into this. I am an educator at heart and want
to spread our breadth of knowledge with our community.

Houston working hard

With our emphasis on our clients, we are beginning a new service called
SerpSpace Agency. We make every effort to give you all of the tools and
knowledge you need to be successful but sometimes organizations need a helping
hand. It isn’t because they don’t understand, but usually involves there only
being so much time in a day. Many people know how to change the oil in their
car but still take it to a mechanic because they have better things to put time
and attention towards. That is where our agency solutions comes in. We will do
all of the SEO and marketing for you so you can focus on what your do best for
your company.

That’s not all we have been working on. We’ve been hard at work
creating great, new content for you for the university, the blog, and the new
forum that is coming soon. Expect to see many new videos popping up around the
site and more frequent updates here. Our community is important to us and we
want your input on what you would like out of our site. That being said, I am a
statistician and love to be able to gather data and do analysis for data driven
decision making. I would like to survey our community occasionally and hope you
all will help me make SerpSpace great. In the meantime, if you have any
suggestions about what we can do to make our community stronger, let us know.
Want a new product added? Want to affiliate with us? Getting frustrated by our
backend? Let us know so we can work with you to make this the best year ever
for everyone. You can always get in contact with us through our contact page
with any thoughts, suggestions, or requests.