Our introductory level pricing won’t last for long

Push the Button, Plugin the power

When we say push button SEO wereally mean it. Once you process your order and push the finalconfirmation button, you’re done. Monthly reports will be delivered to you automatically. You can also check reporting live, right from your WordPress panel.

Our team will setup and install everythingneeded and make sure it’s all working correctly. Once running, our powerhouse of a plugin goes to work setting up your new pages. Here is a breakdown of what happens:

Page creation

With this service, we will be creating and fully optimizing brand new pages on your site. These pages are where we will continue to do all the work needed. Each page will have a customizable area at the top. Here you are encouraged to create a custom “Call to action” advertisements for your clients.

Content creation

No successful SEO strategy can make it without content and yes, we have that covered as well. We offer 100% unique handwritten content that will impress any client.

What you get

Plugin installation /FTP setup

The first thing our team configures is the plugin itself. If your site is WordPress then we simply install the plugin like normal and start our process. If you’re not using WordPress not to worry. All we need is FTP access and we can still set everything up.

Live and Monthly Reporting

If you’re a WordPress user, you will have access to our plugin directly and can monitor everything directly from its dash. Regardless of your platform everyone with the service will receive a monthly report detailing rankings and backlinks.

Entity Establishment

Please make sure you have established your Brand Entity before you start your campaign with this package. What is a Brand Entity? Simply put does your website have a history of being online? Does your domain have age? Does the domain have a history of social signals?

If you have a “Syndication Network” with at least a handful of posts and it has been live for roughly 60 days then you are good to go. What we are looking for here is for your website to have some sort of history of activity and interactions.

Get Rankings Now!

A switch box set up for complete security control

This entire process started as an in-house client work solution over a decade ago. Through years of updates and testing it has evolved into the service we are proud to offer today. This time-tested package has been updated consistently for Google’s latest standards and patents.

We are proud to say that in the history of this plugin it has yet to have penalized a campaign and has passed manual reviews time and time again. As safe as it is however, we like to make sure. This entire service is switch box solution and can be turned off at any time whether to protect your site or a client’s project.

This also means that if you cancel your campaign your rankings will drop. Our service is quality and provides consistent results. We need to justify the expenses that go into each campaign and require an on-going commitment to do so. We are holding you to the same standards you would hold any client to.

Get Rankings Now!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any additional questions please reach out to our Team Members via Live Chat or a Support ticket for more information.

Can this Service Rank for Any Keyword?
Every answer in SEO is it depends and this is no different. If you are smart about the campaign and your keywords then you could rank for some very competitive markets. However, without any additional strategy, this solution will work for medium competition national keywords.
Does this service work for non-English speaking sites or content?
No. currently this is only offered for English content.
Can we have fewer than 5 keywords?
No. Due to the initial cost and efforts required to create a new campaign we require a minimum commitment of 5 keywords.
Why does the service recurmonthly?
While you will be able to set and forget this service and the rankings associated with it, a considerable amount of upkeep will be being performed each month to the pages we create.This upkeep is what keeps the campaign alive and fresh.
If I cancel will I lose my rankings?
Yes. Without upkeep and maintenance, as well as the traffic created by our service, the pages will stagnate and drop in rankings. It is essential that a team evaluates and adjusts your pages and campaign on a regular basis to keep it effective.
Will you be making new pages or updating existing pages?
Any pages we work on will be created brand new by our tools. We will not make any adjustments to existing pages.
What exactly does the plugin modify on my website?
Our plugin creates two new pages per keyword. If your campaign is 5 keywords then the plugin would create 10 pages. We use your current active template so your header and footer areas should look the same.
Can I adjust the pages you create?
The top yes, the content no. At the top of each page we make, there will be space to create your own “Call to Action” message. We strongly recommend tailoring it around the keyword and your expected audience. The content on these pages as well as the other elements must be left as is for our process to work effectively.
Can I provide the pages I want you to work on?
While we do provide you with the option to use your own pages instead of ours, we do not recommend this unless you are an expert at on-page. You need to know exactly what you are doing. When you use your own pages, it can and will create factors that become out of our control. If you choose to use your own pages, you do so at your own risk. We will not be held responsible for weaker than expected performance results.