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We all have questions sometimes, some more frequently asked than others. Presented here is our collection of some of the most often questions asked by our clients. If you can't find what you're looking for here, please feel free to reach out to our team.

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This is going to vary wildly from product to product. Some are delivered instantly while others can take several weeks to prepare properly. All of our estimated delivery times can be found on the product cards for each product located in our marketplace. Make sure you are familiar with these times to plan your next steps accordingly.
SerpSpace credits are currently only used with 2 of our products. Video and Map Powerhouse have their own interface on your dashboard and can be accessed as long as you maintain a positive credit balance. Please see our Refund Policy for additional information on credits and subscriptions.
Many of our products work on what we call a “token” system. This means when you purchase the product, you don't have to configure it right away. You account is credited a token for the product you purchased and the information can be configured at any time. These tokens do not expire. Please see our Refund Policy for additional information on tokens and subscriptions.
No! Your SerpSpace credits and tokens will not expire and can be used or configured at any time.
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No! While some of our services have a monthly recurring charge associated with them, your core SerpSpace membership is at no cost to you.
Once a promotion has run its course, they are no longer available. If you have missed out on a promo, contact our team as soon as possible. We may be able to provide an equivalent or alternate promotion that is just as good, if not better.
We take all major credit cards as well as PayPal payments and CC via PayPal. If you have a payment method that is not listed, please contact [email protected] with the details and our team can see if the payment can be accepted.
At SerpSpace we offer client support 24/7 but there are certain days that not ALL of our staff is available. Major holidays in north america such as Christmas and New Years are typically observed by a majority of our staff members. Even on these days, our support desk is always open and a member of our team will not be far behind to assist you with anything you may need.

Google Stacks

This has never been a problem. Between our own projects and the clients we provide to, we have had multiple stacks on the same account quite often. To date, we have never seen an issue. This means you can have a “general” account you use for orders and you can transfer it as needed thereafter.
Yes! You could actually create a stack for each different keyword you are targeting. If your business has multiple locations, it is strongly advised you create a stack for each location. Each stack will go towards establishing each location as its own entity.

PBN Domain

A PBN domain is a single domain intended for use in a themed network. The end network created by having many of these sites is a "Private Blog Network". This provides a backlink to your money site, which is Niche relevant and thematically appropriate.
The PBN domains start at $25 each but reduce in price to as low as $10 when you buy more at once.

The delivery times can vary between a few days and a few weeks depending on the niche. You will receive a document containing a list of domains that have passed our quality standards which are ready for you to register.

Press Releases

A Press Release is any newsworthy information written by you or our team of writers. Once created, the content must be approved by us for distribution and then by you, before it goes to syndication.

Entity Stacks

In short: A collection of web properties branded for you. This network of properties automatically receives content you post to a trigger of your choice. Each property also receives an attribution link to provide credit to the additional source material.
Typical turnaround time for a single stack is 11-21 days. We do however offer an expedited delivery option that guarantees delivery in under 10 days. When purchasing your stack, you can also buy a token for expedited and choose which order to use it on any time.
From a pure functionality standpoint, it takes content from point “A” and distributes it to point “B”. It then repeats this for each property in your network. When it posts the content to the source property it also includes the attribution link to ensure all content is sourced appropriately.
Nope! Every entity stack we create includes attribution links with each post. This link provides credit back to the original source and as a result, creates links back to your site.












Yes. We have designed out Stacks to be as accessible to all of our clients as possible. Whether you're on a tight monthly budget or want to go big out of the gates, we can accommodate.










Google Drive












Guest Posts

The results should be in your rankings. Sites like can help you keep track of your current position for specific keywords. Watching these fluctuations can help you get a better understanding of how effective your SEO efforts have been.
Yes! Triple - T posts are highly targeted posts and have everything you would want. The only thing that makes them better is a power up from a Power Post. You can point both kinds of high quality links at your main site. A Power Post is a great way to boost your Triple - T Post.
As with any sort of link building, if you're not sure... start small. New or less established sites will do better with fewer links over time. Older sites, on the other hand, can take a lot more in a short period. For additional details please check out our webinar where we discussed many of these questions with our live audience.
A Power Post is a link on an existing niche relevant post on a real site with actual traffic. The Triple - T post, however, is a fully done for you 500+ word article that is created just for you. That article is then placed on an active blogging platform. The best part is, Power Post can be used to power up your Triple - T posts.

Map Powerhouse

No. Once posted, these embeds do not come down. They are syndicated across the syndicated network(s) and are attached to our embed sites and therefore are not able to be removed. For this reason, all postings are final and non refundable. So please post carefully.
  • Near instant map embeds
  • An embed on a niche relevant and aged domain
  • Syndication to the syndication ring around each site in our embed network
  • Over 20 extra backlinks per embed from trusted sites in the syndication
  • Each backlink is from a trusted site in the syndicated networks
Every embed on Map Powerhouse starts at 3 credits per 1 embed. We also offer the option to include structured data, keywords and/or NAP information. Whether you add one or all of these things to a single embed, it will be an additional 8 credits per post for a total of 11 credits.

Video Powerhouse

A video that is submitted to Video Powerhouse can only be posted to each site in our network ONCE. This means that if our network has 100 sites available, a video can only be posted to that network 100 times.  It can also be posted to any of our other networks as many times as that network allows. Each network we offer is independent of one another.
Yes. If a network recieves additional sites you are welcome to use all of them. Any videos that were previously maxed out will have all of the new sites to post to.
Yes, Absolutely! If for any reason, our system is not able to provide every embed you ordered, the credits will be refunded directly to your account.  
At the core, VPH is our own "embed network". This is a grouping of sites that we utilize to provide raw embeds to you. Gaining traction with embeds will help your videos pop up sooner and more often in YouTube search results as well as on Google’s SERPs.
Every embed on our Video Powerhouse network features the following:
  • Near instant posting
  • An embed on a niche relevant and aged domain
  • Distribution to the Syndication Network that surrounds each site in our network 
  • Over 20 extra backlinks per embed 
  • Each backlink is from a trusted site in the Syndication networks
Back and better than ever! These are networks that are built within the same niche or with a thematic relevance to a single topic or idea.
No. Once posted, these embeds do not come down. They are syndicated across the Syndication Networks attached to our embed sites and therefore, are not able to be removed. For this reason, all postings are final and non-refundable. So please post carefully.
No. Every month, your remaining credit balance will be carried over on your account. Stock up as many credits as you would like at once and save with our bulk pricing, then use your credits whenever you’re ready.
If you are posting to a "General Network", it is typically ready within a few hours. Posts to our "Themed Networks" go through an approval process and therefore will take longer to show. Please be advised that these times may be extended if a high volume of posts are ocurring. If your embed has not posted within 48 hours, please contact our customer support team.  
Absoluetly! We offer a custom drip feed shedule during the check out process. Any embeds will be evenly speread out over the total duration selected.

Network Management

  • Log on to your dashboard
  • Click "Network Management" on the left.
  • In the top right, click on "Create New Project"
  • Once created click "View Project" On this page.
  • Click on "Add Domain"
  • Add the "Base Domain" for the network and it's feed URL

From here you have your project created and you can add your domains to it.
The video available should be able to guide you through anything else.
The following video will show you the easiest way to upload several Syndication Network properties at once to a Network Management property.


No! Every month, your remaining credit balance will be carried over on your account. Stock up on as many credits as you would like at once and save with our bulk pricing, then use your credits whenever you’re ready.
  • 250 Credits           $30.00
  • 500 Credits           $60.00
  • 1000 Credits       $100.00
  • 2500 Credits       $225.00
  • 5000 Credits       $400.00
  • 10000 Credits     $750.00
  • 250 Credits             $40.00
  • 500 Credits             $75.00
  • 1000 Credits         $120.00
  • 2500 Credits         $275.00
  • 5000 Credits         $500.00
  • 10000 Credits       $900.00

Link Building

Currently all link building packages are one time non-recurring service. 
Currently, we offer Link building packages for the following products:

Syndication networks
Secondary embeds

Orders and Subscriptions


At all times, you are in full control of any recurring subscriptions you may have. If at any time you wish to cancel the subscription and the associated service, simply cancel the recurring payment in Paypal and all services will be stopped. Any remaining time that has been paid for already will run out before the service is terminated.

If you are having a problem checking out, have a pre-purchase question or just want to speak with a member of our team please do one of the following:

Submit a support ticket:
  • Click on the tab at the bottom of the screen labelled "Click here for help".
  • Let us know your Name, Email address and what your question is and a member of our team will respond via email as soon as possible.
Live chat with a real person:
  • IF you see our chat window in the bottom right feel free to click.
  • Let us know your name and start chatting right away.