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Get over 30 Actionable items to improve your rankings with our cutting edge SEO report. Our report factors in over 500 On and Offsite Metrics to give you a comprehensive analysis.

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Cora Roadmap

Not to be confused with our SerpSpace Roadmap, this is the first page of your Cora report. Get an overview of your entire report at a glance as well as actionable suggestions. The easiest to adjust problems are all highlighted and easy to see so YOU can start making changes right away. No developers no advanced SEO required.

Basic tuning

This section groupes all of your onpage tuning suggestions into related groups. Look at an overall snapshot of your headings, titles, navigation videos images and more. See where you stand compared to the sites that are already ranking and start making adjustments that will get your site moving in the serps.

Take The Next Step, It's The Most Important

It’s a lot easier to take the next step when you clearly understand it. Take charge of your SEO and rankings with the confidence it deserves. Don’t let your competition blow passed you from inaction.

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Intermediate Tuning

With this more advanced tuning report we cover the intermediate tuning factors. See the sort of sentiment your page has compared to your competition and make sure your clients are getting the right idea. Look at keyword frequency, trust social integration and a lot more. These factors will take a bit more work to integrate but can be very worth your while.

Top Words

Geta list of the top 30 words used in the top 100 search results relative to your keywords. Take a look at the most predominantly used One, two and Three word phrases and see how many variant match words you actually have. Not enough? Now we know what we need to add.

Results That Last, From Data Driven Choices

Don't waste your time looking for the Holy Grail of PDF files. Real, lasting results come from data driven decisions and consistent steps to build trust with the search engines. No overnight solution will keep you at the top.

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Keywords Density

There are several different ways of calculating keyword density. Some include every word on the page while others limit things like 1 and 2 letter words. With Cora we attempt to understand the density measurements completely and as such we provide it all. From fully scrubbed lists to completely raw assessments, we show you all of the data to let you make informed decisions.

LSI Keywords

This report takes a look at all of your latent semantic indexing occurrences and helps you better understand what terms are commonly found together. Add commonly occurring terms you may not already have and further reinforce the main theme of your pages. Compare your deficit the totals your competitors have and get a much better idea of what you should be including.

The Top 3 Reasons You Need A Roadmap Today

If you have not already decided to get the most powerful tool available for planning your SEO campaign, here are a couple things to consider.

Failing To Plan, Is Planning To Fail

Without a clear plan of action, you’re basically firing in the dark. We help you take aim at areas that will actually get results.

Your Competition Is Not Waiting For You

If you want to be number one, you can’t sit around and wait for your competitors to fall to number 2. Start taking action and taking over the top positions.

No Investment Means Nothing To Lose

Every custom Roadmap is at absolutely no cost to you and can be pulled as often as you like. Start making data driven choices now.