Hi! I’m Anthony, and I’m the person behind Smarter Boss, a new initiative with one simple goal: to make you into a better leader in business—or, in other words—a smarter boss. I’ll be using this blog space to help you reach that goal by sharing knowledge on a variety of core business topics, and to facilitate discussion with you on each of them. These topics might include anything from accounting, to finance, to business law and strategic planning.

Before getting into any of that though, you may be wondering (you should be wondering, to be honest) who I am and why you should bother reading through and engaging with these posts. Today, more information than ever is available to us, and yet we still only have 24 hours in a day. That means we need to be more cautious on where we spend time, and consequently, which information we consume, let alone act upon.

To that end, here’s a bit about me: I’m a CPA, CA (I hold the Chartered Professional Accountant & Chartered Accountant designations) from Toronto. Since 2012, I’ve worked with clients ranging from small non-profit organizations to multinational hedge funds with >$100M in income.

Along the way, I’ve noticed a big problem that spans across nearly any country, industry, and business: many business owners don’t have the formal knowledge on how to succeed in the business world, and even worse, many cannot afford professional help for this problem when they’re just starting out. Since running the business takes up so much of an owner’s time, this creates a ‘sink or swim’ scenario in which a business owner has to figure it out as they go and grind until—or if—they achieve a level of success that lets them afford to hire a professional to help with this knowledge gap, with the other alternative means bankruptcy.

I aim to solve that problem with Smarter Boss by sharing my insights and knowledge on fundamental business topics in a simplified, clear, and concise way. In other words, I want to provide you with a combination of top-tier, university-level business education and practical, on the job insights with all of the fat and fluff stripped out. Armed with that, you’ll be able to make better decisions to get the best return on your resources and help both you and your business thrive.

With that said, let’s get into it! I’ll open things up with a few upcoming posts on a variety of topics. In the meantime, please comment below if there’s anything specific you’d like me to touch on in a future post and I’ll be glad to.

Talk soon,